Cocculus. Homeopathy

Cocculus (Cocculus Indicus - Coca de Levante)
1 - () You feel that time passes very quickly. As apparent contrast, but in direct relation with that feeling, all very slowly. All responses to stimuli are slow: replied slowly, think long before you do or need to repeat the question (but answers correctly) takes time to turn his head to see things or to move or to think or to do anything. All nervous impressions are very slow to reach schools. There seems to be exhaustion or nervous prostration, which can reach imbecility. There is a slowness to understand what makes forgetful, unable to find an appropriate word when speaking, which prevents it from properly hblar, and wrong, or forget what you just think or read.
You need to read a passage several times to get to understand it. Stunning worse by reading or thinking. Poor memory. That very slowly leads to indolence, and fails to finish anything he starts. Indecision.
2 - () Mental Confusion worse after eating or drinking.
3 - () Disorders caused by anger or vexation; from grief or sadness, with silent grief and profound. Discouraged.
4 - () Hypersensitivity marked by extreme nervous system hyperexcitability. Can not bear noises, shaking, being touched, to the contrary, they offend (very susceptible), the loud voices, rude attitudes, fear, anger, sorrow and insults. Similarly, very easily startled by noise, to touch or any small stimuli. Are easily frightened.
5 - () This seated in a corner without speaking, as immersed in sad memories and not realize what is happening around them. Back to repeatedly speak of past unpleasant. Catatonic state (early dementia) or ecstasy: he seems unaware or absent, with a stereotyped smile, a dazed expression.
6 - () Great loquacity, talks fast. There is a manic state, with an irresistible desire to sing or dance, gestures, he complains.
7 It cares little for his health and much of the others, eagerly.
Guilt. Sudden and extreme anxiety.
8 - () Fear of dying, the ghosts and ghouls, worse at night, to unknown dangers.
9 - () Desire or attempts to escape.
10 - () Disorders ride in a vehicle, that appear or are aggravated by travel, and boat, boat, train, automobile, airplane, etc.., Special occasions dizziness, nausea and vomiting. These disorders occur until just watching a moving ship or the window
moving vehicle. Mal de mar.
11 - () Consequences of lack of sleep by taking care of sick or spend sleepless nights, "is the first remedy to be thought in these cases" (Clarke);
feels weak even if he loses just one hour of sleep. Seizures due to lack of sleep.
12 - () extreme Paralytic weakness or trembling, with nausea and vertigo in relation to an organic lesion or look after sick or lack of sleep or overwork or walking outdoors. Great weariness of the whole body needs to work hard to stand firmly and you feel too weak
to speak aloud. Muscle fatigue. Immobility of the affected parties. Fatigue too, and even comes to faint from the exertion or effort. You can not stay awake at night an hour or more, without feeling exhausted all the next day, exhausted. Lack of vital energy.
Very weak before and during menstruation, can hardly stand. Paresis or paralysis of one side of the body, with numbness. Paralysis from spinal origin. Post-diphtheritic paralysis (throat, limbs, etc.).. Tabes.
Tendency to tremors, worse after emotions.
13 - () Sensation of hollowness or emptiness in internal organs, or constriction band or internally and externally.
14 - () Worst: sitting up in bed or getting out, smoking, moving, talking; by eating or drinking, for sleeping, for laughing, for cry or mourn, for walking, for the outdoors (he dislikes); by walking outdoors, for the cafe, by jerks, by pressure, cold air, stooping, standing, kneeling, for the warmth of the bed by the sun if you touch; swimming, during menstruation , for any emotion, by noise. Better: lying still, in a warm room, sitting.
15 - () Stiffness spasmodic, paralytic spasticity with lack of strength, if you extend a limb, should help to re-flex, with great pain.
16 - () Fainting: the morning on rising; during menses, hysterical, for pain on motion, after stool, during palpitations.
Spasms as electric shocks. Tetanus. Korea, on one side. Epilesia.
Puerperal eclampsia. Seizure-hysterical in children, with unconsciousness, with fall, during menstruation, with paralysis; puerperal with blindness to the touch.
17 - () Coeculus fits (and is most useful) mild-tempered people lazy people with blond, hypochondriacal, timid, fearful, nervous. In women and children of hair and eyes, who suffer greatly during menstruation and pregnancy, unmarried or childless women, girls sensitive, romantic. Diseases of the Drinkers. Obesity.
18 - () Numbness external body parts.
19 pains in the bones, tearing, biting, or as if they were broken. Pains like shocks, and heat, cold and hard lymphadenopathy, worse when touched.
Desire and aversion of Cocculus
20 - () Desire for cold drinks, especially beer. Aversion to acids.
21 - () The vertigo accompanying mental symptoms. Dizziness, feeling as if intoxicated; worse when getting up from lying down or standing up in bed (I feel sick), to move, by vigils (Nux.V.) after eating, while moving the belly, standing, has a tendency falling sideways; need to lie, but he can be back with his head, has to be on its side, you see that things are moving, especially from right to left, with nausea, with headache, during the fever. Vertigo attacks with unconsciousness. Sensation of emptiness in the head, worse in open air and after eating, better by warmth of bed. Feeling of constriction in the brain. Headache worse by not having slept, riding in vehicles; feels as though he closed his eyes, worse for noise (it produced more nausea and vomiting), by moving, by the light, the sun, talking, laughing, to outdoors and during menstruation, better at rest and in a warm room or by the heat of the bed, with nausea and vomiting. Occipital headache as if it were opened and closed. Headache from nape to neck, with a tendency to bring the head back. It can hold the head by weak neck muscles, should support or leaning. Tremulous head, worse after sleep and outdoors, coffee and snuff; best in a warm room. Headache as if he had tied a thread or a band or ring. Apoplexy.
22 - () The objects appear to move up and down. Floaters.
Hemiopia; not see the right side of things. The eyes roll during seizures. Are closed; have trouble opening them. Pain in the eyes, as if they are taken out of the head during the headache. Mydriasis or miosis. Dry eyes, swollen, prominent. Vision cloudy.
23 - () Ringing in the ears, with sensation of plugged and hearing loss, with the sound of running water. Red spots behind the ears.
24 - () Nostrils ulcerated. Smell acute. Nose swollen.
25 - () Face red, swollen, hot, but on the cheeks during the fever worse. Heats in the face after drinking or in a cold room. Dark circles.
Face against. Cramps in the masseter, worse when you open your mouth. Swelling of the parotid and submaxillary. Distorted face and cold to the touch.
Facial paralysis. Facial neuralgia afternoon.
26 - () Dry mouth without thirst, over night. Foam comes out of the mouth, forming * urbujas. Tongue yellowish white. Eating decayed teeth that hurt.
Loose teeth with swollen gums. Slurred speech, such as paralysis of the tongue. Metallic taste, acid, worse when coughing, the bread tastes sour. Constant desire to spit. Very sensitive palate. Constriction in the throat, as if paralyzed.
27 - () Nausea: worse by thinking about food or smell or see them or hear of food (disgust for food), traveling in a vehicle or boat or train, by cold, by standing or rising from bed to the morning after drinking, eating or after eating, during the chills, for dry throat with lightheadedness, by motion, noise, better swallowing. Mal de mar. Vomiting: for travel, by taking cold, for brushing teeth, by speaking aloud, with headache. Stomach cramps during or after, feel like a worm crawling or moving.
Fullness and anxious oppression in the epigastrium, with nausea. Thirst without desire to drink. Belching. Hiccups; spasmodic yawning. Lack of appetite and hunger.
Sensation of emptiness in the stomach.
28 - () Acute abdominal pain sharp, as if intestines squeezed between acute or sharp stones, and worse when moving around the navel. Cutting pains in the stomach during enstruacion. Stomach cramps worse at midnight, during the chills, menstruation and moving about. Pressive liver pain, worse when coughing or stooping. Feeling of emptiness or hole in the belly. Tympanic huge belly distention, colicky at midnight, lying down sideways. Burning pain, tearing, constrictive, in the womb. Flatulence; Colicos. Weak abdominal muscles. Pain in the inguinal ring, as if to receive a hernia, worse sitting and coughing. Inguinal hernia, umbilical, with constipation; strangled.
29 - () Constipation with hard stool, difficult; wishes ineffective. Can not sit by contraction in the rectum. Diarrhea with previous flatus. Soft stools, yellow, putrid, burning. Diarrhea for travel by car.
Anal bleeding.
Pollakiuria 30. Watery urine.
31 Pain as if beaten in the testicles, worse when touched. Itching scrotum. Great sexual excitability.
32 - () Cash in lieu of menstruation, or between periods, or before, very debilitating, can barely speak. Menses premature, every 15 days, with cramps in the hypogastric, painful abdominal distention and pain with pinching and cramping worse every breath and every movement and mortification; heavy (worse standing and walking, with clots, dark, with piles. Menses suppressed, with colic, flatulence, paralytic weakness, anxiety, nausea, fainting, seizures. Menses irregular and scarce. mucus blood during pregnancy. as blood flow or water that had washed meat odor. Great weakness during menses ; almost can not stand, nausea, faintness, limbs go to sleep.
33 - () Cough with oppression and dyspnoea, with sensation of smoke and contraction in the * Raquec. Cough periodically every fourth day, at midnight. Albuminous adherent mucous expectoration. Apnea. Constriction on the right side of the chest, that her breath. Cramps in the chest, hysterical, worse during menstruation, with sighs and groans. Breathing slow, heavy, panting. You can not breathe. Fatigue speak aloud. Sensation of emptiness in the chest. Red spots.
34 Palpitations, with precordial distress, followed by vertigo. Tachycardia;
the pulse beats in the whole body for fever.
35 - () Weakness of the cervical and lumbar muscles with heavy head;
can not support their heads. Paralytic lumbosacral pain. Cracks in the vertebrae, with muscle stiffness and pain when moving the head or yawning or ague. Tremors in the back. Stitching between the shoulder blades and sacrum; pressure in the shoulder blades. As if frozen back.
Pain in the column downward. Vertebrae tender.
Pain in back and spine, worse walking and stooping, with trembling limbs; almost prevent him from walking.
36 - () You sleep the upper limbs, forearms and hands, first right then left, or alternately, and the soles of the feet while sitting. Pain in shoulders and arms, as if bruised. Stitches in the shoulder at rest and in the right arm, moving better. Seizures in the arm with the thumb bent in the other fingers. Shaking hands and fingers.
Paralysis of the arms. Sense of paralysis in the upper limbs.
Trembling in the limbs during the chills. Tienblan hands when eating, but as the highest rises. Hands cyanotic, unresponsive, as if paralyzed, unable to write, cold or hot
alternately. Arthritic swelling of the hands warm. Painless paralysis of limbs.
Painless paralysis of lower limbs from cold. The knees are loosened by weakness, worse walking, unsteady gait, seems to fall to one side feels useless legs. Hemiplegia. Tabes. Pain: in the thighs, knees, can not rest in any position, worse on motion. Knee is swollen and sore, with cracks when moving. Acute articular rheumatism. Heavy feet, hot or cold, swollen, edema, itching, burning, sweat. Pain in the heel. Stiffness and paralytic weakness of the limbs. Members painful to move, as if to break when folded. Bone pain. Involuntary movements of the arm and leg, which cease to fall asleep (chorea). Cold hands and feet. Cracking and painful stiffness in the joints.
37 - () Insomnia patients to care for long periods, for night watches, for anxiety. Sleep disturbed by excessive anxiety and worry.
Frightening dreams, anxious, of death, disease. He yawns and stretches steadily worse after lying down; spasmodic yawning. Drowsiness insurmountable, the less sleep disruption weakens much, with heavy eyelids. Insomnia from thinking much about the facts of the day. The dream is not repaired. Screaming during sleep, starts and is jerking movements of the hands, eyes and head.
38 Waves of heat, with hot cheeks and cold feet. Chills alternating with fever. Restless and anxious before and during the chills, which begin at 11 am, with disgust to the meal. Internal cold afternoon, with shivering, not relieved by external heat, but in the back and legs. Night Fever. Lumbosacral pain intermittent fevers and cramps. Typhoid. Emaciation and hectic fever with night sweats.
Insidious fever of nervous origin, by rage. Profuse sweating, offensive, dripping from the chest, worse tomorrow. Sweat dripping from his face. Exhausting sweats. Suda easy to move or for the least effort.
39 - () Great itching, worse at night, undressing or night, from warmth of bed. Skin pale and limp. Ulcers very sensitive to touch.

*Automatic Translation