Coccus cacti. Homeopathy

Coccus cacti
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Coccus cacti
1 Depression with great sadness and anxiety, suicidal ideation, worst of 3 to 4 hours or afternoon or after sleep. Great indolence. Apprehensive.
2 Hits of unconsciousness, with dark urine.
3 Talkative. Irritability.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Coccus cacti
4 - () The tendency to bleeding, with long black clots.
5 - () Worse: the left side, after sleep, by the pressure of clothing; by touch, for the least effort, for brushing teeth, by heat (symptoms) from cold (the patient) ; at night and early morning; lying. Better: Walking; outdoors.
SPECIFIC Coccus cacti
6 frontal or occipital headache, coughing worse by the slightest exertion and lying on his back. Lightheadedness, dizziness, as if he had drunk too much.
Congestion of the head on entering a warm room, better outdoors.
Pain from eyes to the right temple, as if suddenly injected a liquid into a small glass. Sensation of a tight band but TOID to another, for the occipital and then, as if they pressed closer against each other bones of the skull.
7 - () foreign body sensation under the upper eyelid. Conjunctivitis, lacrimation. Dull pain over right eye, worse tomorrow.
8 points in the left ear, with intolerable itching. Creaking when swallowing. Noise storms in the ears.
9 Nose dry, swollen, itching, sneezing and mucus yellow. Crusted red nostrils.
10 - () Face sallow, red or purple and very hot, with cough and whooping access. Crawling on her face.
11 - () Sensation of cold air in the teeth. Toothache, but cold things, by touch. Worse for brushing teeth: coughing and vomiting.
12 - () High sensitivity of mouth clean or flush causes coughing, nausea and vomiting, and if you speak aloud. Metallic taste, sweet, bitter, acid. Language brown, dry, thirst, and burning stitches. Sensation of elongated palate, arched palate very sensitive.
13 Hypertrophy of tonsils with constant desire to swallow and feel of cork, or like a hair or crumbs in the pharynx. Very sensitive mouth.
Throat worse by heat, especially the bed. Sensation of rawness in the throat, burning and dryness. Sensation of elongated uvula, with constant hawking. Swallowing difficult.
14 - () I want to eat very often and every time, with great thirst, too far away and every time. Canine hunger. Belching. Acidity. Nausea, retching and vomiting worse when brushing your teeth or rinse the mouth. Feeling of something indigestible in the stomach, pressure and heaviness. Epigastrium touch with stitches on inspiration.
15 - () Fullness in the stomach. Left upper quadrant pain from flatulence, which stretches back to the left. Pain in the spleen.
Meteorism with rumbling in the belly. Stomach pains that make it bend.
Abdominal distention at midnight.
Burning and 16 stitches in the rectum, with itching. Stool copious, soft.
17 - () stitches from the kidneys to the bladder. Kidney pains, worse from pressure and movement. Renal colic. Frequent urge to urinate, but the urine does not come out until ejected
clots of black blood, the vagina or urethra. Hematuria. Pain in the bladder, with alternating cold and heat. Itching and stitches in the urethra at the meatus, burning when urinating. Frequent and copious urination with clear urine, or red sediment like clay, excoriating, with gravel; ammonia odor or corpses. Acute nephritis.
Urate urinary stones.
Male Genitalia 18 red, hot, swollen. Frequent erections with increased desire, or impotence. Nocturnal emissions.
19 - () Vulva sensitive, can not bear the touch of clothing. Vulvitis. Vagina painful, worse when urinating and sitting. Menses frequent, heavy and prolonged. Metrorrhagia with large black clots that go out to urinate or being still. Mucus, like jelly. Menstruation alone at night.
20 - () Fatigue voice rough and hoarse voice, feeling that scrapes the larynx.
Feeling that the airways are raw, with cough and the feeling of having a large piece like a nut behind the larynx, forcing him to swallow constantly. Very violent tickling in larynx, who wakes at 23.30 hours, with spasmodic cough, worse from warmth of bed, and copious mucous expectoration viscose. Colds prolonged respiratory elimination of mucus very stringy. Chronic bronchitis. Colds postcoqueluchosos. One of the main drugs of whooping-cough, with the characteristic that the accesses, which occur especially in the early morning, waking the child, they end when you delete abundant whitish mucus, slimy, albumin, which are hanging in long strands on each side of the mouth (Kali.B.). The cough is worse in the morning on waking at 6 or at any time of day or night, at 23.30 hours, in a warm room, for the warmth of the camo No overheating; to drink warm drinks; on waking; bed (must be seated right away) before going to bed by brushing your teeth by loud talking, after dinner, and the best outdoor or cold, drinking cold drinks or water, in a cool room or uncovered. The cough is irritation, tingling or laryngeal or tracheal constriction; violent
paroxysmal, exhausting, painful, hard, dry, barking, like dust, which smothers. Cough alcobolistas. Pulmonary edema with great accumulation of mucus. Walking against the wind took her breath away. Dolorirniento oppression and in the chest; stitches on the sides, burning retrosternal.
21 feeling as if all pressure on the heart, pressing pain.
Irregular heartbeat, palpitations, anxious after eating.
22 Points between the shoulders. Sense of glass splinters under the fingernails. Stitches in the right hip, right knee pain when walking.
Hot and swollen knees.
23 Drowsiness worse after eating. Restless sleep, interrupted. Vivid dreams.
24 Chilly all day, worse of late. Hot body. Suda walking.