Cocoa or Aspirin for heart problems

A few years ago won the fashion, begun by American cardiologists, administering low-dose aspirin in patients with cardiovascular problems to improve blood circulation. The problem is that aspirin therapy is not a harmless drug and forget, thus, that the best fund prevention and treatment of cardiovascular problems is a diet rich in plant foods, regular practice of physical exercise and taking supplements.

Recently, a group of researchers at the Cardiology Clinic, University Hospital of Zurich (Switzerland) have again shown that black chocolate with a cocoa ratio above 70%, thanks to flavonoid content, exerts a dilatory effect coronary vessels and enhances the activity of red blood cells. So that cocoa has effects similar to those of aspirin without its risks, which reduces the risk of myocardial infarction or cerebral stroke in their consumers.

Update June 1, 2009
According to El Mundo newspaper records, a review of studies published in The Lancet estimated that although aspirin can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, however, the odds of producing internal bleeding. According to the study one third of the people involved in research to take this drug is increasing in them the possibility of getting this type of bleeding.

No routine use
"[...] The results do not seem to justify the general guidelines that recommend routine use of aspirin in apparently healthy individuals those which exceed a moderate level of risk of heart disease," the researchers comment.

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