Cod liver oil: Properties

The cod liver oil is extracted from the livers, conveniently prepared from several species of Gadus, especially G. morrhuae L, a species that lives in the North Sea and Spanish Cantabrico accidentally.
Only the cod liver oil is extracted the most important natural source of vitamins A and D. But the flavor of this oil is quite unpleasant despite countless efforts have been made to try to improve it without affecting its nutritional value.

The cod liver oil and flavor
It has always been a big problem ingestion of cod liver oil pure, having resorted to complicated mixtures Galen, who necessarily have decreased its concentration.
Due to this the inclusion of cod liver oil in soft gelatin beads represents an ideal solution for ingestion without any kind of inconvenience.

Composition of cod liver oil
Clearly, the nutritional importance of cod liver oil as a natural source ideal, but concentrated in vitamins A and D, in a way directly comparable. The percentage ratio between the two vitamins is a critical factor in bone calcification processes and growth of human beings.
Any imbalance between the proportion of the two vitamins adversely affects bone formation in children and even, contrary to widespread belief, the fragility of the bones of the lower extremities of elderly people by decalcification senile.

The cod liver oil contains per 100 grams:
Vitamin A 85,000 U.I
213 micrograms (0,025 ug = 1U.I.)

Properties of cod liver oil
- Supplement to provide vitamin A and D of natural origin.
- It promotes bone calcification
- A healthier nervous system
- Improves vision for his composition of vitamin A
- Protective action on the skin by the composition of vitamin A.
- Improving internal and external mucosal
- To develop improved liver enzyme
- Properties antiinfeciosas.
- It participates in the formation of progesterone (vitamin A)
- Favor the fixation of calcium and phosphorus (vitamin D)
- Less cancer, especially breast, ovarian and colon, according to a 2005 study by researchers at the University of California.

It has been discovered that Eskimos have lower levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL) and higher levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL). It is believed that fatty acids pesacado oils consumed by Eskimos are the reason why these can eat a diet so rich in fat and yet have the heart healthy.

The cod liver oil fatty acids provides the Omega 3 series, besides the vitamins that maintain the normal growth and hair, skin and nails healthy. Adults and adolescents who also base their fast food diet, those who are attached to the house and get some sun and children in periods of growth are among the people to whom they would favor taking this supplement.

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Note on cod liver oil
Due to contamination of the seas many marine species are poisoned with mercury. It would be important to ensure the purity of cod liver oil is taken. Some brands of this oil if you take into account.

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