Codeinum (codeine). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Codeinum
1 Depression or great joy.
2 Confusion. Decreased or increased attention.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Codeinum
3 - () Warmth generally mild, with itching all over.
4 The symptoms are worse from motion, better sleep.
5 - () Small muscular convulsive shock (eyelids and limbs).
Tremors throughout the body. They sleep many parts of the body. Korea.
Desire and aversion of Codeinum
6 Desire for sour things.
7 Vertigo blowing. When you close your eyes, revolve. Headache stuns him, tomorrow, ceases at noon. Headache, fatigue and excitement.
8 - () Twitching in the eyelids when you want to read or write. Miosis. Go blowing sparks.
9 Anosmia. Acrid nasal discharge.
10 - () Soreness of the skin of the face. Lips dry, they are constantly wet with his tongue.
11 - () Dry mouth. You can not articulate the words. Tickling in throat.
Violent throbbing of carotids.
12 - () Great thirst. Belching with gastralgias, nausea and vomiting. Violent spasmodic gastralgia. Constipation with sensitivity in the transverse and descending colon.
13 - () bladder paresis. Diabetes.
* 4 night sexual arousal, with pollutions.
15 - () Short, irritating, worse at night, for laryngeal or tingling excitement, with copious mucous expectoration, sometimes purulent. Nocturnal cough from tuberculosis. Pain in the right lung on inspiration, stitches in the
16 Violent palpitation; audible. Chest tightness with desire to walk outdoors. Chest pain to want to study or write.
Convulsions in 17 muscles of the back. Pain in the neck and kidney region.
18 - () or small shocks Paralytic weakness in the arms and legs;
twitching in the legs, painful. Hands and feet fall asleep.
Pain in the deltoid to move his arms. Spasmodic contraction in the arms. Neuralgic and rheumatic pains in the legs.
Paralysis with great concern.
19 - () Bruscas and small shocks that wake him scared. Sleep disturbed by cough or by nightmares, waking in the morning exhausted.
20 - () itching sensation of heat. Eczema with intense itching.