Coffea cruda (coffee). Homeopathy

Coffea cruda (Coffee)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Coffea cruda
1 - () unusual mental and physical activity, high excitability and excitement, excitable during the chills and sweats; reading. This full of ideas, ready to act, but at night, full of fantasies and plans for the future. Feel the brain clear, this active, always moving, it feels strong enough to do anything. This in a complete state of ecstasy. There is a real exaggeration of intellectual faculties, with quick thinking and action and great flow of thoughts. The memory is active, elated, especially until midnight. This unusual activity is psychophysics until midnight, can not stop thinking and imagining too much. It feels like a rush, especially when drinking and movements.
2 - () In close connection with the above, there is a remarkable sensory and sensory hypersensitivity. All the senses are more acute: more easily read letters very small, and has sharpened his ear, his smell, taste and touch, and even the slightest perception of passive movements. It tolerates neither to be touched, not smells violent, or bright lights or noises; hear the slightest noise, to hear that others are not or very distant, even imaginary, is hypersensitive to music, sound of voices or conversations at each step, the sound of aelojes, the bells or bells during the sweating worse. Also pain sensitivity is greatly increased, and any pain is unbearable and leads to despair, to cry, cries of pain, very anxious agitated; not tolerate the slightest movement or friction of the air at the site pain. The pains are aggravated by noise, even the most mild. In general terms, given in homeopathic potencies, Coffea "is the most splendid sedative known" (Tyler Kent).
3 - () always in line with its exaltation of mind, with their hypersensitivity, Coffea is extremely useful in conditions resulting from sudden emotions and, more specifically, produced by pleasant surprises, scares deste up any organic or mental conditions. Also in Disorders of excessive joy, excessive laughter and games by unrequited love, from anger or vexation, with vehemence or fright, to be despised, for fear of anticipation, for any emotion.
4 - () Excessive crying and wailing, even for little things, he complains. The child cries and laughs easily as she wept, suddenly laughs and returns to mourn; alternating tears and laughter. He cries and shakes and does not know that, or after anger. Weep for uncontrollable delight or a great joy, during menstruation and childbirth; walking outdoors; sentimental.
5 - () Hysteria: cries in a terrible, bending the body, moving its members, grinding teeth, stretched rigidly, with grunts and dyspnea.
6 - () exasperation, irritability, throw things for either side, tears or breaks things.
7 - () Feelings of guilt in great distress,
8 - () Fear of dying, especially the pains, thinks he is going to die,
but during childbirth or the wrongs, but not afraid.
9 - () Delirium tremens; runs from side to side, thinks he is not at home. Great loquacity.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Coffea cruda
10 - () Worse: for wine and alcoholic beverages, cold (except for toothaches) outdoors (with aversion), and at night, before midnight, for narcotics, for teething; by touch. Better: lying, for cold water;
heat (except for toothaches).
11 - () functional hyperactivity of all organs, by increasing its nerve and muscle activity. Sense of vigor, force.
12 - () Seizures hyperexcitability, in children, postpartum, for laughing, in the dentition, for any emotion. Fainting: by excitement; during childbirth.
13 - () Children nervous, excited, hot-headed and shiny look.
Especially useful in lean, tall, stooped, brunettes, of choleric temperament, sanguine.
Laterality 14 left.
Desire and aversion of Coffea cruda
15 Aversion to coffee.
SPECIFIC Coffea cruda
P16 - () Vertigo worse thinking, better by change of position, can not be stopped, with dimming of vision. Threat of stroke. Hey cracks in the crown when quiet. Head feels too small. Congestion headaches after a pleasant surprise or speak. Headache: pressive, with great excitement, for the slightest cause, for thinking, for contradiction, for excessive joy; by taking cold, from eating much; worse by noise or music or light;
intolerable, screams, cries, as if the head would explode if he moves, so desperate, run across the room. Migraines; hemicraneas, as if a nail stuck in the wall, worse in open air, with vomiting. As if you break the brain into pieces.
17 eyes red, burning, eyes clear, can read letters very small. Mydriasis.
18 - () Hyperacusis (see 2). Hearing loss with ringing.
19 - () Hyperosmia (see 2). Cephalic bleed heavily, to defecate.
20 - () Heat in the face, worse during the chills, with red cheeks;
face bright red with fever. Facial neuralgia, with pain in the upper molars right, extending to ears and forehead by local ice better, worse from touch and excitement. Facial sweating with chills.
21 - () Toothache throbbing or neuralgic, with all the mental picture of intolerance of pain, worse at night and after eating, better to have cold water in the mouth, and returning the pain by heating the water, better to have ice on the mouth chewing worse, due to noise, during menstruation, food or hot drinks, local heat, excitement, and in children nervous patients. Grinding teeth; sleeping.
22 - () Taste more acute, sweet, or loss of taste. Feel like almonds.
Dry mouth. Sialorrhea of pregnancy.
23 - () Sore throat, worse from cold air, with sensation of plug, constant desire to swallow, worse when swallowing. Uvula very long, swollen.
24 - () Thirst at night, waking, worse after the fever and when you sweat, baby hurry. Increased appetite and eat in a hurry. Belching jerky. Vomiting bile or mucus. Cramps in the stomach with pressive pains.
Indigestion. Anxiety and oppression in the epigastrium. As if the stomach were too full.
25 - () can not tolerate tight clothing in the belly Colic, with feeling that would burst the belly pressure from incarcerated flatus. Abdominal pain that desperate. Strangulated hernia. Right upper quadrant pain with flatulence.
26 - () Diarrhea worries, for teething, for sudden joy, by taking cold. Stools watery, fetid, debilitating painless. Haemorrhoids, with constipation. Anal sphincter contraction, with burning and itching.
27 profuse urination, but at midnight, urine colorless. Urine drips.
28 Great sexual excitement or sexual excitement, tenderness, without ejaculation. Nocturnal emissions. Scrotum relaxed.
29 - () excessive irritation, with great tenderness vulvovaginal itching voluptuous, large mucous secretion and blood flow, with desire to rub or Basque, but the vulva is very sensitive, does not tolerate sexual intercourse during menstruation or wipes. Metrorrhagia with large black clots, worse on movement and fear of death. Dysmenorrhea. Milky mucous flow or, worse urinating. Menses profuse, prolonged, but in the first half of the night. Severe pains in threatened abortion or childbirth, excessive pain afterwards. Labor pains irregular, ineffective and intolerable (see 2), cease, with verve and complaints. Puerperal fever. Agalactia. Puerperal convulsions.
30 - () Spasm of glottis. Sensation of rawness in larynx, with hoarseness in the morning. Tightness in the chest with thick short inspiration. Short, dry cough, tiring, with constriction and laryngeal irritation and agitation anxious.
Attacks of suffocation, the child breathes in gasps several times during the day.
Ama. Constant cough, weight loss, cachexia. Cough after measles.
31 - () Palpitation: violent, irregular nerve, for excessive joy, for excitement and exaltation or after a surprise, with trembling limbs.
32 - () tremor when grasping something or are still. Cramp in the fingers. Shaking in arms and hands. Pains in the limbs, worse noise. Cramps in the calves by flexing the knees to the soles of the feet. Tremors in feet. Left crural neuralgia, better by pressure, but worse by the pressure at the exit of the nerve; worst roads, noise, afternoon and night with insomnia. Cold extremities. Choreiform movements.
33 - () Insomnia before or after midnight, hypersensitivity mental and physical, can not sleep because of excitement of the imagination, by fantastic visions or a ceaseless flow of ideas or by a fixed idea or great mental activity (make plans) or mild and far from noise (clock,
etc.).. Insomnia in puerperal women, from excessive joy or pleasant surprise, for prolonged vigils, nursing the sick, excess coffee, after measles, in children who wake at night excited and want to play (Cyprip.). Tendency to lie down with eyes closed, unable to sleep.
He wakes up at 3, and can not sleep. Suenos cheerful, lively.
34 - () Chills running down the back, worse from motion. Internal chilliness with external heat. Dry heat at bedtime the night with chills on the back. Night fever, delirium and face with bright red (Bell.). Fever with dogs. Sweating on the affected areas.
Traumatic fever, malaria quartan. Measles. Scarlet fever. Varicella.
35 - () skin hypersensitivity. Hiperexcitabiliciad Eruptions, and mourning. Warm skin. Itching. Scarlet rash.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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