Coffea Tosta. Homeopathy

(Infusion made from the berries of coffee Toast)
1 Excitation nice that keeps you awake. Thoughts lively.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Coffee TOSTA
2 - () Worse, the outdoors (he dislikes). Better: for moderate exercise outside.
3 - () Laterality left.
4 - () Bleeding: nose, lungs, stomach and rectum. Strained arteries.
5 - () Vertigo, worse thinking, better by change of posture, everything seems to going around in circles in the head, and in a sense, as in the other, ringing in the ears. Headache worse by movement. Blood flow to the head.
Periodic headache in hysterical women.
6 Fotofobla. The light is surrounded by a halo. Floaters. Go foggy.
7 Pain in the ears at each step or each word box. Noises in the ears.
8 pale, bloated, anxious.
9 - () Toothache intense, maddening, in sound teeth (lower right), better by cold water (the pain returns by warm water).
10 Nausea, retching and feeling faint. Vomiting with difficulty or effort whatsoever. Heaviness and tenderness in the epigastrium, worse from cold drinks or food. Extreme sensitivity to the liver region. Pinching in the belly. Alternating heat and cold in the womb.
Bleeding piles 11 each deposition. Diarrhea concerns.
12 Urethral discharge milky light at end of urination.
13 Sexual weakness. Nocturnal emissions followed by cold shivers and sweats.
14 - () spasms in the uterus, as if something pressed down. Intense labor pains, unbearable, with great excitement and severe pain in the sacrum. Heavy and prolonged menses.
15 - () Asthma with oppression. Palpitation from any excitement.
Trembling and shaking at 16 members. Gout and rheumatism, with calcareous concretions.
17 - () Insomnia total. He wakes up often. When this by going to sleep, starts suddenly, with fear of falling or of any imminent danger.
It sounds the death or dead friends, but look with total
18 Chills with shaking and chattering teeth, can not get warm. Excessive heat, is uncovered and sits on a draft.
BLOOD orgasms, hot flashes. Cold sweat, sticky, but in the palms.