Colchicum. Homeopathy

(Colchicum autumnale Colchic)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Colchicum

1 - () Poor memory, forgetful, distracted. Comprehension is poor and the association of ideas, it lacks words to express, and when you type, forget numbers and whole words, forget what you said or what to say or what you have heard. Confusion confuses objects clouded mind, but answers well. You can read but not understand even a short sentence or words. Intellectual faculties diminished.

2 - () His sufferings will seem intolerable. External stimuli (light, noise, touch, smells, etc.). Disturb him greatly. Do not tolerate rudeness. The pain, if they are strong, so mad, I get on his nerves, turn it off if, as irritating, the less vibration makes the pain unbearable.

3 - () Great desire to rest, with aversion to any kind of effort. The mental effort it worse. Depressed.

4 Moody, nothing shapes; aversion to being touched.
Disorders 5 penalties; for bad behavior or bad manners of others, for his rudeness.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Colchicum
6 - () The most prominent symptom of Colchicum key comes from a very acute sense of smell (smell to what others do not smell), which appears above smells, but particularly so with smells of food being cooked, the smell of the broth , eggs, fish, fried or fatty foods or any food. He hates the smell. But this averersion to food is not just about the smell, the thought or see or talk to food or to mention it, is enough to give disgust, nausea, retching or vomiting, he is out if and to comes to faint.

7 - () Great prostration, weakness and physical exhaustion and mental stress and then he can not lift his head from the pillow unaided by climbing stairs, for efforts, after sleeping and defecating because of lack of sleep, to study much, in states typhus. Paralytic weakness. Sudden collapse of the vital forces. Loss of muscle strength, paralysis. Tendency to collapse with skin, mouth and breath very cold, cold domestic and cyanosis in a mottled skin.

8 - () The pains are very sharp, shooting, tearing, pressing, paralyzed; better in hot weather; involving bone and deep tissue when the air is cold, going from left to right (Lach.), worse in evening and night , and barely touched by the movement. In the joints are erratic, ranging from one to another, from one side to another, from the bottom up or vice versa.

9 - () Worse (or disorders): by movement (as feared), if touched, from cold, from cold wet, for any effort, physical or mental (intensive study), for wash or bathe in autumn and Spring, to live in damp, for changes in weather, but dry to wet, overheating; lying left side, for vigils, from dusk to dawn, by sweating suppressed; walking. Better: lying down, at rest, heat, after stool, stooping, sitting, outdoors.

10 - () Tingling or itching, as from chilblains, in various parts of the body, whenever the weather changes. Burning in the cavities.

11 - () Tendency to edema, external or internal, in the hands and feet. Fluid in the abdomen, pericardium, pleura, serous cavities, etc.., With pale urine.
Ascites, hydrothorax, hydropericardium, etc.. Edema post-scarlatinal; in renal disease. Anasarca.

12 - () Right side or left to right.

13 - () Metastasis to internal organs, especially of gout or rheumatism to thoracic organs (see 31).

14 - () You feel like electric shocks through half of the body, with sense of paralysis. Sensation as painful electrical vibrations by touch or movement. Frequent starting. Convulsions, muscle cramps.

15 People vigorous. Diseases in the elderly. In children with parents or grandparents gout.

16 Dizziness when sitting after walking. Pulsation in the head. Pressure occipital mental effort or vigils. Headache over eyes, but he left worse outdoors. Tickling front. Headache heat i better rest.

17 - () Mydriasis, with little or no reaction to light. Mydriasis on the right, left miosis. Cataract. Glaucoma. Tearing outdoors.
Edema of the lower eyelids. Sharp pains in and around the eyeballs. Iritis, traumatic iritis, keratitis. Suppuration and swelling of the glands Meibomius. The edges of the eyelids are red and burning. Sties in the lower eyelids.

18 itchy ears. Stitches in the ears. Stuffed feeling walking with noise. Purulent secretion from the ears after measles.

19 - () Smell very sharp (see 6). Itching and itching in the nose. Dolores excoriated in the nasal septum, worse playing. Epistaxis in the evening. Obstinate coryza with copious mucous secretion. Nostrils dry and black. Sneezing.

20 - () disfigured facial features. Anxious expression, sickly, sad, painful. Face stained yellow or very pale, or red and hot cheeks with circumoral pallor and perinasal. Edema of the face. Feel the bones of the face apart. Facial itching. Tearing and erratic in the muscles of the face, or on one side, twitching in muscles and bones.
Cramp-like pain in the temporomandibular joint. Pain in right jaw. Chapped lips, cyanates.

21 Grinding of teeth feel too long, are very sensitive when bitten or touched by closing the jaws. Toothache, worse at night and cold. Tearing pain in the gums and jaws.

22 - () Heat in the mouth. Bright red tongue, heavy, rigid, asleep, cold, and plans to move with difficulty. It takes very long talk, or can not. Tongue whitish or yellowish or brown. Bitter taste. Sialorrhea with dry throat.

23 Tickling in the throat and palate. Feeling of constriction and soreness in the throat. Palate and throat red, swollen and sore.
Accumulation of mucus green in the mouth and throat. Tonsils inflamed, swollen, with pus pockets. Heat in the pharynx and the esophagus; constriction.

24 - () Great appetite, but stops abruptly at sight or, worse, smell of food, with great aversion. Intense thirst, no appetite, or lack of thirst.
Nausea by swallowing saliva. Frequent burping air and abundant tasteless.
Nausea, belching and copious bilious vomiting and mucous. Constant hiccups.
Intense nausea from strong odors or smell of food being cooked, fish, eggs, beef fat or beef broth or soups, or to see or look at food or think of her, sitting up or sitting up in bed or raise the head from the pillow and at sea. Arcades depues violent vomiting. Vomiting: during diarrhea; easy, for the smell of eggs and fish; to straighten up, to move, in pregnancy, traveling in a vehicle; violent swallowing saliva; better if this still in bed without moving. Bilious vomiting, food, yellow. Epigastrium tender. Excoriation and itching sensation in the stomach, or cold as ice, or burning.
Intense hunger after vomiting. Vomiting, watery diarrhea. Hastrica fullness after eating. Cramps. Stomach dtirante an attack before or rheumatic. Indigestion from eating lots of eggs.

25 - () bloating, fullness in the abdomen. Pressure outwards in the upper abdomen. Bloat, bloating, flatulence, as if about to burst, worse in the ascending colon. Swollen abdomen, with fold over the groin, with ascites. Rumbling in the belly, sensation of impending diarrhea. Pains in abdomen, worse at night and by pressure, pulse. Colicos worst eating better folded. Scalding pain on the left side of stomach, worse when touched. Hot ice, or burning in the abdomen.

26 - () with autumnal diarrhea, fecal violent pains and jelly-like, transparent liquid come out first, but when cooled are like jelly, putrid stools, dark, mucososanguinolentas; white with lots of particles desmnuzadas; white mucus; grated or intestine membanosas, watery, going out with violent anal spasm. Diarrhea during teething; in hot weather, for stepping out of the regime, worse from motion, painless, bilious. Wish painful defecation, tenesmus and prostration. The child is asleep upon cessation tenesmus. Rectal pain after bowel movement, very long, they do cry and mourn. Feel the stool in the rectum, but can not expel them. Cholera: myths mucous stools like rice water, expelled with great force, with abdominal cramps and in the flexor muscles of arms and feet, and sunken features. Anal prolapse. Bleeding anal black in autumn. Unwittingly gets dirty, do not feel when they leave the stool, worse if they are watery. Itching, tingling and burning anal.

27 - () kidney pain, but right, worse from pressure and motion can only be lying on his back. Nephritis, with urine as ink, bloody (with or without clots), with albumin or brown. Nephritis with edema, after a scarlet fever. White sediment in urine. Urinary bleeding. Urgency to urinate, with pain from spasm in the neck of the bladder urine hot, dark, with burning and tenesmus. Cloudy urine orange leaves a ring in the service. Urethra pain, as raw, the
urinate. Urinary frequency, polyuria, or oliguria or anuria. Involuntary urination.

28 - () Tearing in the glans and left spermatic cord. Edema of the scrotum.

29 Metrorrhagia. Terebrante pain in the ovary should be doubled. Menses scanty, frequent. Sensation of swelling in clitoris and vulva. Feverish restlessness in the last months of pregnancy. Dark nipples, protrusions, with intolerable pain barely touches the baby. Full breasts, with skin
hot. Vulvar pruritus. Puerperal fever.

30 - () Hoarseness. Intense dyspnoea, can not lie, the better leaning forward, breathing in gasps, worse at night, with palpitation of 23 to 3 hours. Dyspnea with anasarca. Short, dry cough, frequent, tingling or itching in the trachea. Nocturnal cough with incontinence. Violent oppression with anxiety and palpitations. Excoriating pain in the chest, worse on touch or move, cutting pains that interrupt breathing. Tearing, throbbing chest pains. Precordial stitches. Pain in the left base, back and forth, breathing worse, with great dyspnoea. Hemoptysis, traumatic or not. Hydrothorax with great dyspnoea, with edema of hands and feet.

31 - () Violent palpitation; audible worse by standing in the bed.
Hydropericardium. Heart sounds dull, weak. Cardiopatia following gout and rheumatism. Rheumatic pericarditis with oppression, pain and dyspnea; endocarditis. Chest fullness, worse lying on left side.
Hypotension. Pulse small, weak, irregular, fast or slow, intermittent, barely noticeable.

Tension 32 stitches and between the shoulder blades. Rheumatic pains in the neck and back, tearing or drawing; worse by movement and pressure. Dolores excoriating plaques in the sacral sore, very tender. Torticollis.

33 - () Acute or chronic rheumatism, gout especially in members from right to left, erratic, and pains that are aggravated by movement and by cold and relieved by moist heat occurs mainly in autumn, spring or summer and in hot weather, or even when the days are hot and cold nights. Acute flares in chronic rheumatism. Hyperuricemia. At the beginning of acute rheumatism, before being fully extended. Rheumatic attacks that begin and end suddenly. Rheumatic pains in the joints that are stiff, hot, very painful, red and swollen, especially in the small joints. Tearing in warm weather, stinging with the cold. Crippling pains in her arms, can not hold anything with his hand. Inflammation of the big toe, with excruciating pain that is aggravated by the slightest contact or the slightest movement or just rozarlo; screams in pain. Edema of hands. Cramps in hands,
spasms that are bent, but in constant motion.

Joints enlarged and deformed in the fingers. Some cyanotic. Trembling of the hands prevent him from writing. Edematous lower limbs and cold. With the pain, heaviness and inability to move. Heat in the palms. Tingling or itching in the fingers and fingernails and feet. The knees knock, almost unable to walk, has trouble lifting their feet when climbing stairs or walking, collides with thresholds, walks hesitantly. Lameness by suppression of sweating, especially of the feet getting wet. Cramps in the calves or feet, particularly in plants. Tearing or contractures in the heel. Hands and feet and cold asleep, fall asleep the fingertips. Right patellar areflexia. Rose with difficulty from the pains in the morning.

34 - () Drowsiness; falls asleep reading. Sleeplessness from nervous excitability or not being able to lie on your side always, the left. Sleep interrupted by nightmares. He sleeps on its back. Shaking sleep.
Sleep is disturbed by pain or anxiety, or dyspnea from 23 to 3 hours.

35 - () Constant feeling of chills, even sitting near a stove;
with hot flushes. Hot and cold body members. General A with increasing dry heat palpitations and excessive thirst, worse at night. Sweats acids, abundant, without relief. Typhoid.

36 Itching, as nettle stitches in the skin and itching chilblains;
urticaria. Anasarca.

Arsenicum Alb. - Spigelia.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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