Collinsonia. Homeopathy

(Collinsonia Canadensis)
1 - () portal and pelvic venous congestion, resulting hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps and constipation, especially in women.
2 - () Worse, afternoon and night, from cold, for the slightest emotion or excitement, during pregnancy. Best: Morning, by heat.
3 - () anasarca edema or heart disease. When old reappear improves heart bleeding hemorrhoids or suppressed menses.
4 - () Chronic catarrh (nose, pharynx, stomach, etc.).

5 Sensation of weight and constriction, or as if the face and limbs were enlarged, with heat, numbness and pricking by countless needles, you think that the legs do not belong.
6 Fainting newspapers. Great weakness, worse walking in open air.
7 Frontal headache with constipation and hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidal discharge suppression.
8 heats in the face and lips asleep, needle punctures.
9 Tongue white, or yellow in the center and base, with bitter taste.
10 - () Nausea with stomach cramps, or constipation during pregnancy. Vomiting with gastralgias and heat in the stomach. Weight in the epigastrium. Cutting gastralgias sitting. Fainting from gastralgias.
11 Heaviness in the hypogastric, with cutting colic. Flatulence, rumbling in the belly.
12 - () In Collinsonia, everything revolves around the rectum and hemorrhoids, which are chronic, painful and bloody, with the sensation in the rectum full of sharp chips, sand or gravel (Aesculus), better tomorrow, worse by eliminating stools hard and in the last months of pregnancy, with worse pain when defecating. Obstinate constipation with hemorrhoids, colic and great flatulence, desires and ineffectual efforts, especially during pregnancy, itching, can not lie down. Bulky stools, clear and discharged with much effort, stool hard, knotty, like marbles, bloody, mucous or black, with tenesmus. After defecation, have nausea, tenesmus, pain that forced him to sit and fainting. Alternating constipation and diarrhea.
Chronic diarrhea in children. Anal prolapse. Bleeding annals of black blood with mucus. Anal itching or burning. Sensation of rectal or anal constriction.
13 Varicocele and spermatorrhoea with constipation and hemorrhoids.
14 - () Intense membranous dysmenorrhea (sometimes with convulsions) with hemorrhoids. Intense vulvar itching hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Diarrhea in the postpartum period. Uterine prolapse. Vulvar swelling.
15 - () aphonia. Hemoptysis with strong short cough, with rectal symptoms. Cough * so excessive voice. Pains in the chest alternating with haemorrhoids.
16 - () cardiac hyperexcitability. Tachycardia with weak beats. Alternating with haemorrhoids or heart palpitations. Valvular disorders after acute rheumatism. Precordial oppression by the slightest movement.
Tearing in 17 limbs with frontal headache. Hot on the thighs after menstruation.
18 - () Urticaria. Angioneurotic edema.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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