Colocynthis. Croton Tiglium. Homeopathy

COLOCYNTHIS (Colquintida or bitter cucumber originated in Japan)
1. Digestive: spasmodic colic relieved by forced flexion, gastric pain, abdominal pain with bloating, spasmodic colitis, with or without diarrhea.

2 .- Urinary: renal colic.

3 .- Genitalia: Dysmenorrhea.

4 .- neuralgia with cramps flexion improved by the member or strong pressure. Facial neuralgia. Paroxysmal sciatica.

Is compounded by the indignation or fishtailing on the reposo.Mejoria: with forced flexion or strong pressure, heat, movement.

Croton tiglium (Pinon pig of the family Euphorbiaceae)
1 .- Eczema of the genital region, vesicles, itching, burning pains.

2 .- Diarrhea.

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