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COLOCYNTHIS (Citrullus colocynthis - colocynth)

1 - () Disorders or consequences caused by anger with indignation, by mortification with cholera, by vexation, by reproaches, being despised and humiliated, for sorrow, or indignation prolonged setbacks. Consist disorders, especially in pains of all kinds, colic, vomiting, diarrhea,
menstrual suppression.

2 - () No answer or want to talk or see friends or anyone. Wants to be alone.

3 - () Very irritable, moody, gets angry, indignant and offended easily. Ira with hallucinations at menopause. Irritated if asked.
Impatient. Throw things with my hands.

4 - () Scream, is anxious and restless and is angered by the pain.

5 Depressed, sad, crying, complaining day and night.

6 Gran concern, with a tendency to run.

7 Lack of religious sentiment.

8 - () Severe pain, neuralgic, shooting, cutting, cramping, stabbing, tearing, burning, pressing, extremely violent, intermittent, with great agitation, anxiety and cries, which usually appear after an anger, indignation and mortification, more frequent to the left and always aggravated by the extension, and better by pressure, by bending, hard pressure or by movement or local heat. When the pain reaches sufficient intensity, are nausea and vomiting or fainting. These types of pain are similar to those of Magnesia Phosphorica, Colocynthis contains salt in considerable quantity.
Tearing tight longitudinal or as iron bands.
9 Worse by rest, for potatoes or starchy foods, the evening or night, for the extension (see 8), from anger, indignation, and so on. (see l), at rest, after eating, motion, lying on the side that does not hurt. Better: bending double (see 8); by strong pressure, by heat, for flatus, for coffee, lying on his stomach or on the painful side or head backward.

10 - () Lateraliddd left or right.

11 - () Shortening and small bumps and painful muscle cramps. Contraturas constraints and internal and external. Stiffness in joints.

12 In people vigorous, irritable, banquets, who become ill suddenly. Sedentary women with heavy periods.

13 Gran prostration, weakness, sometimes she can hardly speak, with trembling legs walking outdoors. Fainting.

14 Feelings of tingling or numbness in the affected parts.

Desire and aversion of COLOCYNTHIS:
15 Craving for bread, of beer.

16 - () Vertigo when turning his head quickly, especially to the left, as if to fall, with unstable knees. Lightheadedness and dizziness at the start of colic. Headache better walking outdoors. Cephalic sense of constriction, worse in forehead and temples. Pressing pain in the root nasal, like a cold. Pressive frontal headache worse when bending over or lying on his back. Hemicrania with nausea and vomiting, to 17 hours.
Headaches of all kinds, intolerable violence, periodic, sometimes crying or screaming. Heat in the head, burning in scalp congestion of the head.
Urinous smelling profuse sweating, worse at night in bed. The right side of the head is very sensitive to touch, worse on the eye. Painful hair roots.

17 - () Pressure sore eyes on stooping, as if to bulge, the hard feel. Right supraorbital neuralgia, worse rubbing, cutting, sharp, sharp. Glaucoma. Iritis.
Choroiditis. Spasmodic closure of the eyes. Pain in the eyeballs.
Walleye right eye, with tearing irritant. Dryness and burning eyes. Neuralgia sharp, stabbing pain, worse at night and resting by stooping, better from hard pressure and walking in a warm room.

18 - () sounds, beats and feeling of obstruction in the left ear.
Deep itching or crawling in the ear, the finger better. Hearing loss with noise. The sounds echo off the ears.

Coryza with 19 secretion, worse in open air. Purulent discharge. Throbbing pain that rise to the root of the nose. Nasal Obstruction

20 - () face with an anxious expression, eyes sunken, distorted, suffering;
sallow, pale, hot, or dark purple or red. Cheeks left cold or hot red. Left facial neuralgia, with the supra and infraorbital regions exquisitely painful condolores burning, tearing or stitching, extended to the ear, head and neck left with blurred vision, profuse watery eye; the attacks begin at 22 hours, and can not stay in bed, walk from one side to another, better outdoor and local heat, worse from slight touch and pressure;
produced by cold or vexatious or excitement. Constriction, cramp-like
in the malar bone, extending to the left eye.

21 - () Toothache, as if he pressed or stretching the nerves with * smells of all kinds. Persistent bitter taste, of foods and beverages.
Burning in the tongue, as if burned, worse in the end. Tongue white or yellowish, rough, like sand. Dry mouth. Fetid breath, by decay.
Throat dry, rough.

22 - () Canine hunger, or decreased appetite, no thirst, or burning thirst. Great emaciation, even with a good appetite. Nausea with regurgitation. Vomiting and diarrhea caused by anger or indignation; vomiting food or greenish, bilious.
Gastralgias after eating; epigastrium tender. Sensation of fullness or gastric emptying. Violent cutting, tearing, ranging from the chest and belly to be localized in the epigastrium, from vexation and anger and excitement, the better bending and strong pressure.

23 - () points on the liver area. Belly distended, tympanic, with rumbling (like frogs) and movements incarcerated flatus. Pain or cramps very violent, paroxysmal or pinzantes crampy or sharp (after eating) or constricting, as if you pinched the intestine between two stones (Cocculus) and it would burst, better from hard pressure (Stannum). Abdominal pain, especially in the navel region, forcing the patient to bend double, which makes it better (cries and screams if he changes his position), with great concern, it is spinning, rocking, appear after an attack of anger or indignation, or by eating indigestible things, or potatoes, or by taking cold or cold fluids when overheated, better flexing thighs and hold against this apoyanao belly or something hard, better by violent exercise, for coffee, sitting, leaning forward, local heat, after stool; forces him to walk bent forward, with expulsion of gases that would improve it, with chills that go up to the face and followed by frequent stools, watery, yellow, smelling musty, or vomiting, "diarrhea and vomiting that are more a result of the great pain of a gastric or intestinal disorder (Kent)." No remedy produces Colicos as severe as this, and no remedy as quickly cure them "(Nash) . stomach aches as electric shocks that go to the anus. colic in children, which is relieved by lying on your belly when they change position, screaming in pain again. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach. Pain in groin hernia .
Colicos during the chills, during cough, after eating and drinking, for fruit, by poisoning, premenstrual or during menstruation, for suppressed menstruation, newspapers, during pregnancy breathing; walking; extended to the pubis.

24 - () dysenteric stools reappear each time the patient eats or drinks, even if very small amounts. Loose stools greenish yellow, or greenish, frothy, sour-smelling, putrid or moldy, bloody, bilious; acres, gelatinous; lienteric, pasty, watery. Chronic watery diarrhea. Involuntary stools formed when the child is playing or stopped.
Diarrhea with colic, anger with indignation, in the dentition, by eating or drinking, for fruit. Bleeding anal pain in the sacrum and anus. Anal sphincter paralysis, contraction at stool. Constipation with hard stool decas; by laxative abuse. Painful piles.

25 - () Urinary urgency; oliguria. Polyuria with the pain. Urine sediment clear or whitish brown, with red crystals are deposited acceding fetida, gelatinous milky on cooling. Itching of the urethral meatus. Burning in the urethra while defecating and after urination. Stitches and burning in the kidney region. Stomach pains all while urinating.

26 feeling as if all flow to the genitals, from the womb, with ejaculation. Sexual arousal; priapism. Total impotence. Retraction of the foreskin behind the glans, with pains; paraphimosis.

27 - () pains cramps or stitches in the ovaries (worse on left) and uterus, and pressed through a hoop. Ovarian cysts terebrantes sharp pains, better by bending or flexing the thigh, walks leaning forward, pressing the area. Metritis. Metrorrhagia. Suppressed menstruation cramping pains, for indignation, disgust or anger, rather bent.
Lochia suppressed by anger or indignation, with cramps and diarrhea. Puerperal fever from vexation or grief. Painful nodules in the breasts. Ovarian or broad ligament. Uterine prolapse. Dysmenorrhea with cramping pains, worse after eating or drinking; should be doubled. Menses copious, frequent, sometimes every 15 days. Intermenstrual flow yellowish, thick, offensive.

28 - () laryngeal irritation Dry cough, worse snuff smoke. Coughing up greenish aggravates the headache. Laryngeal constriction that leads him to swallow, with dyspnea, better outdoors. Nocturnal asthma attacks.
Chest tightness. Dyspnea during menstruation. Stitches in the sides of the thorax.

29 Points precordial. Palpitations. Pulse full, hard, fast, or weak, almost imperceptible.

30 Tension in the neck and shoulder blades, with drawing pains in muscles and feeling stretched. Weakness and heaviness in the back, worse in the sacrococcygeal region. Lumbago. Suppuration of lymph nodes.

31 - () pain in the shoulder or right deltoid with a fit of anger, cramps in hands, worse at rest, can not open them. Twitching in the tendons of the thumbs. Rheumatic pains in shoulders, elbows and joints of the fingers; terebrantes. Hip pain, with cramping pains in the hips, worse lying down, sitting, paraclo, walking and turning the leg inward, pain as a ring that tightens, that lying on the painful side with knees bent; points better by rest and warmth of the bed, worse from motion. Painful cramps in arms and legs, for vexatious. Muscle contractions. Sharp, tearing, with numbness, worse on the left. Right or left sciatica worse by extending the member or the slightest contact, better flexing the leg and the strong pressure and heat, worse at noon or night, or 4, from cold, lying down, moving about, sitting or rising from a chair, walking or heat of the bed with numbness spread from hip to knee. Lightning-like pains in the lower limb from the hip to the popliteal fossa.
Thigh pain right foot, as if the psoas was short, better duck. Spontaneous dislocation of the hip joint. Stiff knee, with stitching and cold. Heaviness and trembling of the legs. The feet go to sleep, they swell. Tearing sensation in the soles of the feet at rest.

32 - () Sleeplessness and restlessness; by pain or anger. Sleeps poorly, wakes up tired. Yawning and drowsiness. Sleep lying on his back, one hand on the neck. Vivid erotic dreams.

33 - () Hot on the whole body with hot face. Cold hands and feet, the rest of the body warm. Chills with the pain. Warm skin. Evening fever. Sweat-smelling urine at night, producing pruritus. Copious sweat, but at dawn, head and extremities; cold.

34 intense itching, worse in bed, with concern, followed by sweating.
Eruptions like scabies. Desquamation of the skin. Small ulcers, itching and burning. Anthrax.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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