The combination of food

Since a good digestion is the basis of a pure, clean blood, we need good information on the subject of food so we can see both the positive changes to our diet through biological changes as negative due to inadequate diet.

Consider for Food and Health theme: the combination of foods.

is the science which teaches us to cultivate or restore health through proper nutrition your body needs.

According to the "Health Sciences", the food we can divide into two groups: 1) Foods that refresh, 2) food feverish (always referring to the temperature of the digestive tract).

Foods that work together to refresh and good digestion are the ones that are eaten raw, unprocessed fruits, tree seeds, greens, vegetables, tender leaves and some roots. These are natural foods.

Those who are feverish all those who need to be cooked, cadaveric, animal slaughter, or plant products or artificial, or alcohol, or drinks from the digestive tract irritants, and so on.

First we say that food should be the minimum requirement for all our faculties have maximum performance not being depleted by heavy or painful digestion. Chewing convenient and slow for a good mix of food with saliva is the basis for good digestion.

In addition to fruit, tree seeds, tender and tender salad vegetables, other foods from the vegetable kingdom that not presenting the drawbacks of the use of meat in our diet should be reduced because of difficult digestion. These are the dried vegetables. Moreover grains being more digestible than pulses must be eaten in moderation.

Harmful foods are: Chocolate, tea, coffee, soft drinks and fermented and refined white flour and whole industrial pastries, fried foods and sauces, spicy, preserved, smoked, all dressings, fish and meat artificially reared in general, the fatty , salt, refined sugar, etc..

The combinations of food. Rules to follow

Main rules of food combinations
1 .- acids and starches at separate meals
2 .- Proteins and carbohydrates in separate meals.
3 .- Proteins separated. Only one class each time.
4 .- Proteins and acids in separate meals. Exception with cheese or yogurt or nuts. These allowed some acid like lemon.
5 .- fats and proteins in separate meals.
6 .- sugars and proteins in separate meals.
7 .- starches and sugars in separate meals.
8 .- Always eat melons alone.
9 .- Milk always alone.
10 .- Desserts: Puddings, sweets, fruits after meals, removing.

Tables of food combinations
* A cereal or bread combined with vegetables, salads, butter or oil
* A class of dry beans: Combine with vegetables, salads or oils.
* Vegetable starchy (potatoes) combined with vegetables, salads and little oil or butter
* Sweet potatoes or yams: when combined with sweet fresh fruit, honey or jam made with natural honey, molasses or sugar cane.
* No green vegetables or starchy vegetables: Combine with egg and oilseed or cereal or bread or a potato salad and plenty.
* Vegetable salads: Combine with cereal or bread or potatoes or egg or pulses or oilseeds. You can also always add steamed or grilled vegetables.
* Fresh Fruit of time combined with raisins, honey, jams or horchata.
* Melon or watermelon. Better alone, but if the fruit is fresh fruit or is time passing can be combined.
* Fruit acid. It is eaten alone or half an hour before meals. Or sometimes with plain yogurt or nuts or sweet cheese if tolerated.
* Semi-acid fruit. Serve with fresh fruit or dried fruit time and horchata.
* Fruit raisins. Sola is difficult to digest the high concentration of sugars and lack of natural juices. Always sweet fruit of time, also honey, jam and natural horchata.
* Oils: with vegetables, salads, you can also add lemon if no tomatoes on salads.
* Eggs: with seasonal vegetables or grilled or steamed vegetable broth and plenty of salads.
* Milk: better off alone. But it is interesting to take 20 min. before acid fruit juice or Semi-acid.
* Yogurt or cottage cheese: semi-acid fruit or fresh fruit time.
* Never add bread or fresh fruit or yogurt time or cottage. It Fermentario carbohydrates from bread and produce acidosis.
* Honey and Jams: with sweet potatoes or yams or sweet fruit or dried fruit time or jams. But ever-present sweet fruits, natural juice to facilitate the digestion of honey.
* Substances neutral. PH 7. They are groundnuts, apples, cream and egg yolk. They are usually combined tolerate almost everything.

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