Combinations: separate the starches and proteins

In this article we will explain The 7th law of healing foods Bernard Jensen.

The seventh law reads:

7. Combinations: separate the starch and protein.

Reason: take your protein and starch in different foods, not because they do not digest well together, but so can eating more fruits and vegetables at every meal.

The reason Bernard Jensen encourages us to consider combinations of foods, especially starches and proteins, is because people tend to gorge on these two types of food and let the vegetables aside.

Recommended to us, for our sake, we eat enough vegetables in our vegetables. That is, if one day we eat starch, mix them with vegetables. If you eat a protein other day we combine it with vegetables.
Reasons why we need to combine good food. Enzymes and digestion

Most of the chemical reactions that take place in the cells are made possible by enzymes or ferments, which are biocatalysts produced by the same cells and through which substantially increases the speed of chemical reactions.

Gut enzymes are what make possible the digestion of food. Without these enzymes, digestion would last days. Each enzyme acts on a single substance. For example, proteases act on proteins, amylase on starch, lipase on fats, etc.. Among the highlight properties of enzymes that are soluble in water and precipitated by alcohol.

Each yeast has a pH optimum of activity. For example, pepsin in the stomach has to act in an acid and trypsin of pancreatic juice in alkaline medium. So if we mix an acid and a starch (lemon rice) the amylase can not digest starch.

The temperature also influences. Salivary amylase is inactivated at 0 º C or when very high temperatures. We can classify the hydrolytic and respiratory enzymes in .. Hydrolytic enzymes break down by hydrolysis immediate principles in their constitutional elementary units. Respiratory enzymes are oxidants and are primarily responsible for catalyzing the cellular respiratory processes. So do not drink beverages with ice because they interfere with digestion.
We take water with meals

There is much controversy with this issue. Some would say that eating better not to drink for not diluting the digestive juices, others will say that nothing happens.

Everyone has to know and see what best suits him. Take some liquid before food is excellent and well then we will not so thirsty. Drinking vegetable juice is also very interesting eating. One thing should be clear, if your body demands water will not hesitate to take it.

In this law we will not extend much since we have written an article on food combinations very extensive with a very clear chart of how we do these combinations. The article is: The combination of food

Although the subject of the article focuses on the starches and proteins in our table will be the right combinations for all types of food. It is the most complete they can find.

What I wish to clarify is that we are talking about a law of healing foods. This means that if we are going through an illness should bear in mind this table of combinations.

True, many will say that they eat a good steak and chips and it suits them wonderfully. Not suffer, or hurts them. We understand this position and we know people with excellent digestive capacity, but if we are fighting a chronic disease is essential to follow this law to regain health. And more, if we retain our health the better we combinations of food and nutrition follow these laws will have less chances of getting sick.

Table of food combinations

A cereal or bread combined with vegetables, salads, butter or oil
A class of dry beans: Combine with vegetables, salads or oils.
Starchy vegetables (potatoes) combined with vegetables, salads and little oil or butter
Sweet potatoes or yams: when combined with sweet fresh fruit, honey or jam made with natural honey, molasses or sugar cane.
No green vegetables or starchy vegetables: Combine with egg and oilseed or cereal or bread or a potato salad and plenty.
Vegetable salads: Combine with cereal or bread or potatoes or egg or pulses or oilseeds. You can also always add steamed or grilled vegetables.
Fresh Fruit of time combined with raisins, honey, jams or horchata.
Melon. Better alone, but if the fruit is fresh fruit or is time passing can be combined.
Sour fruit. It is eaten alone or half an hour before meals. Or sometimes with plain yogurt or nuts or sweet cheese if tolerated.
Semi-acid fruit. Serve with fresh fruit or dried fruit time and horchata.
Dried fruit. Sola is difficult to digest the high concentration of sugars and lack of natural juices. Always sweet fruit of time, also honey, jam and natural horchata.
Oils: with vegetables, salads, you can also add lemon if no tomatoes on salads.
Eggs: with seasonal vegetables or grilled or steamed vegetable broth and plenty of salads.
Milk: better off alone. But it is interesting to take 20 min. before acid fruit juice or Semi-acid.
Yogurt or cottage cheese: semi-acid fruit or fresh fruit time.
Never add bread or fresh fruit or yogurt time or cottage. It Fermentario carbohydrates from bread and produce acidosis.
Honey and Jams: with sweet potatoes or yams or sweet fruit or dried fruit time or jams. But ever-present sweet fruits, natural juice to facilitate the digestion of honey.
Neutral substances. PH 7. They are groundnuts, apples, cream and egg yolk. They are usually combined tolerate almost everything.

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