Comocladia dentata. Homeopathy

Comocladia dentata
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Comocladia dentata
1 - () Worse from touch; by heat, for the repose of night. Better: open air, by scratching, by motion; by pressure.
2 - () throbbing pain worse by heat.
SPECIAL Comocladia dentata:
3 Dizziness on rising from bed, with dimming of vision, worse heat, better by motion. From severe pain behind the eyeballs to the occipital region, stooping, worse near a heater, better outdoors. Itching of the scalp.
4 - () Neuralgia with eyes enlarged sensation (over the right) and outgoing, with pains in the right but, worse on eye movement. The eye pain is worst near the heat of a stove, tearing, extended backwards or occipital region. He feels as if pressed from above eyes down and out. Iritis. Glaucoma, with sensation of fullness d eye too great. Ocular protrusion most evident in the right eye.
He sees a round ring of red flame.
5 - () Left ear cracked and scaly as powdered starch. Heat and fullness in right ear.
6 - () very swollen face, worse on the left, with heat and itching. Burning pain in the face, but around the eyes. Pain in the right maxillary sinus, then the left, with warmth and fullness. Lower lip swollen and blistered. Temporomandibular joint pain in left jaw, then right, on entering a warm room. Cancer of lips.
7 Feeling that you were pulling a tooth, stretching the nerve.
Toothache relieved by pressure, when it stops the pain, feel the big head. Toothache extended to the larynx, worse in bed, better by pressure and heat content. Yellow tongue, dry mouth. Swollen gums in the lower jaw.
8 belching after eating. Pressure and heaviness in the epigastrium.
9 Pain in the belly before and during a diarrheal stools, followed by weakness and sweating.
10 Itching in the inner foreskin and penis, scrotum at night.
11 - () laryngeal irritation. Dry cough at night, with tickling in the throat and dull pain below the left nipple, issued left shoulder blade,
worse by breathing deeply. Pain in the right side of the chest to arm and fingers.
Sharp pain in left breast, leaving a burning sensation. Ulcer with eschar in the right breast.
12 Stiffness and fullness in the neck muscles when moving head. Rheumatic pains and stitches in the back, left burning.
13 - () Burning pain in her arms, cramps in the right. Stiffness
rheumatic in shoulders and elbows. Cramping twitching fingers. Blistering rash on arms and hands. Pressing pain out in the left hip joint, worse by pressure, better walking, limps. Pains in the knees, which are at the foot or anterior thigh muscles.
Swelling in the left leg and foot with a huge bump when they give pain, fever, skin turns white, covered with scales and cracks, leaving a liquid sanious. Indolent ulcer in the lower third and outer right leg, deep, hard-edged, with discharge of fetid pus. Vesicles, pustules, ulcerations. Herpes in the legs.
14 sounds nice, clairvoyants,
15 - () Redness of the whole body, like scarlet fever. Tormenting and burning Itching all over.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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