Condurango. Homeopathy

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis condurango
1 - () Cancer: nose, lips, tongue, esophagus, stomach, the
intestine, anus, uterus, breast. Neoplastic infiltration of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Epithelioma of lips and anus. Syphilis. Lupus.
2 - () Cachexia.
SPECIFIC condurango
3 - () The key symptom and characteristic of this drug, and whose presence is inexcusable to prescribe, is an objective sign:
painful cracking corners of the mouth. Ulcer on the chin,
perforated to the gums, in the face.
4 - () retrosternal burning pains, with sensation of constriction or narrowing in the esophagus, as if the bolus was too large and could not pass. Esophageal cancer.
5 - () constant stomach pains, burning, vomiting of food.
Gastric ulcer. Chronic gastritis. Stomach cancer. Vomiting like coffee grounds. No appetite, weight loss, cachexia.
6 induration in the left upper quadrant pain and constant burning.
Varicose 7. Cracks in the orifices of the body. Carcinomas ulcerated or fissured. Indolent ulcers, old, foul, callous edges.