Conium, Convallaria majalis, Corisonum aceticum, Crab scooter, Crateagus. Homeopathy

Conium (hemlock)
Vertigo by any change of position. Tremor. Language disorders. Decreased memory. Ganglionic swellings, as in scrofulous and cancerous states. Medicine geriatric condition. Strangury. Irritative cough. Weakness with trembling. Ascending paralysis. Nodules (stony hard).

Convallaria majalis (Convalaria)
Weakness infarction. Preinsuficiencia. Cardiac neurosis. Increases strength and cardiac output.

Cortisonum aceticum (cortisone acetate)
Lesions in the cortex of the adrenal glands, pituitary and connective tissue.

Crabro Vespa (wasp)
Oofiritis left. Oophoritis (right)

Crataegus (hawthorn)
Coronary vasodilator. Senile Heart. Increases myocardial force. Angina pectoris. Myocardial weakness and postinfectious focal toxicology. Complementary medicine cardiac glycosides. General sedative.

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