Conium. Homeopathy

Conium (Conium maculatum - Hemlock)

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Conium

1 - (+++) Conium There are progressive mental deterioration, evidenced in their inability to mental activity, to sustain an effort or intellectual work (which fatigue) and also physical, it is lazy, lacks desire, slow their way of being, acting (in his movements) and thinking. Slow aging. Apathetic, has no interest in anything, indifferent, particularly walking outdoors and during fever. It is confusing, difficult to pay attention or understand what he hears or reads. Their senses are obtuse. Trouble learning.

His memory is impaired, especially for dates, can not speak correctly. Feeling tired brain. The weakening can reach mental imbecility. Aversion to work, physical and mental health, and their occupations.

2 - (+++) Great Depression (or hysteria), especially when the source lies in a repression or suppression or withdrawal or, conversely, excess or abuse, sexual desires, with anxiety and sadness. Satyriasis. Disorders of all kinds, and anxiety, prolonged sexual continence. Sad, worst of 17 to 18 hours, worse during chills, fever and sweating, for masturbation, sometimes with suicidal thoughts. Depression premenstrual or menstrual suppression.

Silent fits of depression alternating with a desire to fight or excitement.

Great sense of unhappiness that comes back every two weeks. Dissatisfied with himself and those around him. What depresses any excitement. He sits in a corner alone, lost in thought, not to speak or answer or dress or eat or see their children.

3 - (+ +) you want solitude, but is afraid to be alone. Shy. Suspicious.

Aversion to society, people, who spend talking about it, it wants to grab them and insult them. Aversion to friends during pregnancy. Aversion to women.

4 - (+) Anxiety about the future. Guilt. Think about death. Fear of thieves. Is concerned and disturbed by trifles. Superstitious, easily frightened. Feelings of unreality, like a dream.

5 - (+) I like to wear their best clothes, shop useless cares little things, the ruins, not work, he prefers to play.

6 - (+) Malhurnorado, gets angry and beside himself with trifles. Very excited, impulsive, quarrelsome, dominant, does not tolerate contradiction, complains, scolds. Easily irritated. Seriously unpleasant. Regrets.

7 - (+) Insanity passive periodic or alternating with other mental symptoms.

Laugh and cry 8 involuntarily, alternating laughing and crying.

Disorders 9 studies or excessive punishment.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Conium

10 - (+++) physical or mental disorders and suppression of sexual desire or sexual continence or prolonged abstinence. Hence their bachelors or spinsters stated in no sexual activity in recent widowers, or people who for various reasons, including shyness, do not have sex, or women who do not achieve their orgasm by coitus interruptus or reasons. Also in the suxual overactivity disorders or masturbation, or suppression of menses.

11 - (+++) glandular hypertrophy and induration or nodules or tissue, hard as rocks, especially graumatismos, bruises, knocks and falls, with itching and stitching, or painless, testicles, breasts, ovaries, cervix, salivary glands, lymph nodes, ete. In lymphatic vessels, like a rosary. Hypertrophy and lymph glands, cold and hard. It is one of the drugs of the indurations, infiltration and strictures or stenosis. Has been used extensively in lymph glands and cancerous conditions, especially in scirrhus and epitheliomas, with large lymph nodes. Atrophy of glands. Polyps.

12 - (+++) Paralytic weakness and rising progressively increased, starting in the lower limbs, sometimes preceded by seizures with tremors and dizziness. Great prostration of the nervous system and muscle.

Muscle paralysis without spasms. Paralysis and paresis. Spinal cord paralysis from injury source in the column, especially lumbar (and bad effects in general) or diphtheria. Seizure in the elderly. Tonic after the flu (Boericke). Weakness in the old people can not stand without hesitation, especially in the dark. Tremulous weakness after stool, better outdoors, weakness, worse in the morning in bed after intercourse, after dinner, after excitation, for the least effort, to walk outdoors. Sudden weakness or loss of power walking.

Fainting after defecation or in the morning in bed.

13 - (+++) especially useful in diseases of old bachelors and spinsters in older, rigid muscle fiber; people with light hair and easily excitable. Strong people of sedentary habits. Women during and after menopause. In children aged prematurely.

Arteriosclerosis. Edema.

14 - (+ +) Worse: at night, lying with his head down, turning around in bed or standing in it, after eating, for walking outdoors, before and during menstruation, by touch, by clothing tight (not tolerated), by shocks, blows or falls (effects, especially in trauma or soft tissue glands, standing, for up-for exercise, by the light through milk; mental or physical strain, for celibacy; by alcohol tremor, agitation, prostration, confusion). Best: in the dark by the movement, walking, on the heat for letting the affected limb hanging, by stooping, fasting, when sitting, for the pressure.

15 - (+ +) Feeling of having a band or ring or something tight on the parties concerned. Numbness (with pain, with weakness or paralysis).

16 - (+) Great tendency to take cold, even for uncovering just the feet. You want the heat, especially the sun. Aversion to open air.

17 - (+) Dolores stabbing.

Desire and aversion of Conium

18 - (+ +) Desire for salt or salty foods, coffee, sour things. Aversion to bread and milk.


19 - (+++) Vertigo when lying down, roll over in bed or just turning or moving her head to the left (you should have your head perfectly still), eye movement, while attempting to climb or movement, the or hear noises as if she turns the bed or floating bed or as if he turned in a circle in old, with ovarian or uterine disorders, walking, with a tendency to fall sideways, for headaches, before and during menstruation, with nausea. Headache and heaviness in the morning upon waking, as if the head were too full and would burst. Stitches in chronic headaches. Hemicráneas. Migraines. Headache worse walking in open air or constipation. Numbness and cold on one side of the head. Pressure as a ICERD in the frontal bone and temples, worse after eating. Sleeping brain feeling, worse on motion and after eating, better duck. hydrocephalus in pain, worse on waking, outdoor and after eating, better by pressure, lying and close your eyes.

Tearing headache with nausea, you should lie. Encephalitis in children.

As strokes or heart pain in the occipital region, with hot flashes. Stroke with paralysis in the elderly. Sensation of a foreign body in the crebro. Hair loss.

20 - (+++) burning on the inside of the eyelids and eyes. Upper eyelids feel heavy, and can barely lift, or can not keep them open, paralysis, tendency to fall asleep, if you open your eyes, jump hot tears. Indurated eyelid, the superiors are very swollen, pale,

bright and very sensitive to touch, with bluish-red border, very swollen conjunctiva, injected. Keratitis, ulceration Lacornée from right to left, with intense photophobia, corneal staining. Intense photophobia, excessive tearing with, disagree with the objective signs. Contusion cataract, gray. Myopia, asthenopia, poor vision, amaurosis, diplopia. Presbyopia.

Accommodation slow. In reading, the letters run together, and eyes hurt.

It is the remedy for students who study at night. Blurred vision when irritable. The objects look red or rainbow colors or grain. Striped spots, floaters dizzy. Mydriasis. Feeling protruding eyes. Eyelids stuck in the morning. Eye muscle paralysis, of the internal straight. Itching in the inner corners of eyes.

Coldness, or burning eyes, worse walking in open air.

Yellow sclera.

21 - (+) Accumulation of blood-red wax, wax caps. Feel blocked ears when blowing the nose. Earache worse walking in open air.

Roaring and ringing in the oíclos. Hearing painful. Hearing loss.

22 - (+ +) tip of the nose swollen, red, hot, painful, worse left side. Constantly tweaking the nose, which bleeds easily, and in brain disorders. Soreness and itching at the tip of the nose and inside. Pain at the root of the nose, worse before menses. Ozena with purulent discharge and bloody, with hard crusts. Epistaxis menstrual suppression, cold, after sneezing, in Spring. Frequent sneezing, with runny liquid or mucosa. Obstructions old, worse tomorrow. Nasal polyps fibrous, hard and elastic. Hyperosmia. Nasal dryness.

23 - (+ +) Face pale, sickly, yellowish, sallow, cyanotic. Painful cracks in the face washed. Night facial pain, tearing. Itching, rashes, sores on the face; herpes on cheeks, pimples. And cleaved dry lips, blisters and ulcers. Lip cancer, ulcers, and pressure pipe. Cancer of the cheek. Heat in the face. Parotid swollen and hard. Drainage from the left parotid, submandibular swollen and hard. Black crust covering the lips and teeth. Trismus.

24 Grinding of teeth. Toothache by walking outdoors or 2limentos cold. Gums swollen, red, blue and bleeding.

25 Speaking with difficulty, stuttering. Tongue swollen, painful, stiff, dry, covered with dirty mucus. Fetid breath. Tongue cancer. Dry mouth.

26 - (+) Constant tendency to swallow, with involuntary swallowing, especially when walking against the wind. Foreign body sensation or something round that goes from the stomach, throat and choked him, balloon hysterical. Scrape the throat spasmodic constriction of throat and esophagus, pruritus. Dirty gray exudates; diphtheria. The food stops at the cardia, with difficulty swallowing, paralysis of the esophagus.

27 - (+ +) Poor appetite, thirst. Very acidic belching, worse at bedtime and after eating. Heartburn. Gastric distension by milk. Frequent and loud belching.

Nausea after every meal or evening. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Pressive gastralgias, cramping, excoriating, with cold feeling in the stomach. Stomach cancer. Gastric ulcer. Vomiting as coffee grounds.

28 - (+ +) Feeling of tight band in the hypochondria, worse than the right, with pressing pain. Stitches in the liver, pain with induration and liver hypertrophy, with chronic jaundice. Hypertrophy of the spleen with stitches and lancinating pain. Pancreatitis. Hard belly adenopathy of mesenteric lymph. Fullness in the abdomen; contraction oppression. Cramping, tearing pains. Movements and drawing in the navel. Incarcerated flatulence. Needs to hold the belly when you cough, stomach pain sensitive. Stitches from the womb to the right chest. Dolores and wrongs in the lower abdomen, as if to have diarrhea. Bearing down pains. Abdominal tumors.

29 - (+) Removes flatus. Lee feels cold. Lee removes sleeping.

Frequent diarrhea, polyuria, debilitating. Blood-streaked stools, liquid, with hard pieces; lienteric; acid. Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Constipation unwilling or ineffectual urging, hard, dry stools, with tenesmus, followed by trembling weakness. Constipation on alternate days. After bowel movements, tremor, weakness and palpitations.

Rectal heat. Stitches in the anus. Cold in the year to expel stool or flatus.

30 - (+ +) Jet urine intermittent sudden stops, sharp pain after urination. The urine comes off better. Urethral pain on urination, and burning just after. Ineffectual urging to urinate, with severe headache.

Nocturnal urinary frequency, sometimes unintentionally. Constant desire to urinate. Urine clear as crystal, cloudy on standing, it feels hot, little, brown or filled with sediment, bile, red, with mucus. Bladder pressure, better sitting. Dropwise urination; in old. Enuresis. Diabetes. Postescarlatinosa glomerulonephritis. Purulent urethral discharge. Renal pain if the desire to urinate is not satisfied immediately.

31 - (+++) sexual desire without an erection, or increased, with total or partial disability. Impotence; by continence. Erections are very short, easy, incomplete. Premature ejaculation, even without full erection. Abundant nocturnal emissions, more young people. Even with his sexual weakness, there is great nretismo with erotic thoughts, and can ejaculate at the mere presence of women or flirting with them or touch. Discharge of prostatic fluid during stool or any emotion or erotic thoughts or if you are a woman with itching in the foreskin. Swelling and induration of the testis, progressively, by one stroke. Painful ejaculation. Sharp pains from the testicle to the root of the penis pressing, tearing. Hypertrophy and induration of the prostate, with feeling of weight on the perineum. Orchitis.

32 - (+++) induration and hypertrophy of ovaries and uterus, with lancinating pain, trauma, induration of the cervix with burning and stabbing pains. Prolapsed uterus with heaviness and pain. Uterine fibroid. Uterine polyps. Anteversion of the uterus. Menses: irregular, suppressed, slim, with clots are broken by taking cold or putting hands in cold water, late, scanty, short. Before menstruation: vulvar itching and swollen breasts, hard, painful to every step, heavy. During menstruation, swollen breasts, uterine cramps and a feeling of bearing down. Next: acid flow, creamy, rich. Flow acre, hot, corrosive, foul-smelling, milky, ten days after menstruation. Vulvar and vaginal itching. Inflammation of the sinuses with stitches. Breasts soft and relaxed, flabby, with hard nodules and tender (Phyt.).

Stitches and needles in the breast. Right breast induration, tenderness, induration following an abscess. Painless small tumors near the nipples. Tumors or nodules in the breast following concussions. Breast cancer; hard as stone, with severe pain and heaviness in the breast, the tumor is fixed, is attached to the deep planes. Epithelioma.

Scirrhous sono, hard as stone, bruises, with stitches.

Hypertrophy of the breasts or, more commonly, complete atrophy of the gland, the breast looks like a leather bag. Great sensitivity in the labia. Menopause with hot flushes and sweats.

33 - (+) dry plate in the larynx, with constant tingling and irritation. Larynx sensitive to touch with feeling that you scrape, and cough. Aphonia.

34 - (+++) constriction in the chest, with shortness of breath, worse walking. Tightness in the morning upon waking. Wheezing. Asthma attacks in wet weather, cyanotic red-faced, worse in the morning upon waking. Asthma old.

Bronchitis. Paroxysms of severe coughing, violent, dry, spasmodic, from tickling in chest and throat, or dry plate or tingling in the larynx, worse at night, lying. Cough lies just at dusk or at night, is forced to sit, cough, and then rest, cough caused by lying or taking a deep breath, worse talking or laughing or eating fatty or salty during fever, headache or heat in face. Inability to cough, sputum is swallowed. Yellow sputum, purulent, putrid odor, difficult. Hemoptysis. Cough in pregnancy. Postgripal violent nocturnal cough. Pertussis. Acute pain from the sternum to the spine. Stitch on the right side of the chest under the nipple, to inspire and walking or by hand pressure. Retrosternal pressure. It weighs the clothes in the chest. Caries of sternum. Pneumonia. Feel blows to the chest.

35 - (+) palpitation after after drinking, defecating and to get out of bed. Precordial blows.

36 - (+) cervical lymph hypertrophied and indurated, tender. Excoriating pain in the cervical vertebrae. Back pain worse off or lean back. Best back pain lower limbs hanging down. Pain in lower back and fell backwards from a height, worse by laughing, sneezing or inspire. Effects of falls or blows to the spine. Coccydynia.

37 - (+ +) Shoulder pain. Axillary lymph nodes. Creaking wrists.

Itching on the back of the fingers. Herpes burning in the hands and forearms.

Sweaty palms. Yellow stains on fingers and palms. Yellow nails. Hands go to sleep. Felons. Feeling of weakness, lack of strength and lower limb tremor, worse walking with unsteady gait (worst co eyes open) shuffles. Weak in the knees, worse on stairs. Pain in the knee, with creaks and feeling very short tendons, worse start walking after sitting. Herpetic eruptions in the popliteal fossa. Cramps in calves. Red spots on lower legs, which become yellow-green, like a bump or bruise, preventing it from moving, with retraction of the foot upward. Painless paralysis or paresis in the lower limbs can not walk postdiftéricas, then paralyze superiors. Joint pain, such as stroke, more elbows and hips.

Cold hands and feet, feet clumsy and insensitive. Takes cold feet due to lower exposure. Pustules on the feet. Convulsive limbs.

38-day sleepiness. Restless sleep; has many nightmares. He wakes up frightened, startled by a rustle in the head. After 5 minutes of sleep, wakes up drenched in sweat, mostly in the upper body. Interrupted sleep. Insomnia. He starts sleeping. Dreaming disease, mutilation, death, danger, fights.

39 - (+++) Chills and cold morning and afternoon, especially in the back, looking for heat, especially the sun. Shivers down the pain, beginning in the breast. Great internal and external heat, with great concern, red face, thirst, hot skin. One of the key symptoms of Conium most important is that you sweat just goes to sleep, or even just turn a blind eye (this is the only remedy that has this symptom). Fetid sweat.

40 jaundice, or cyanosis of the skin. Yellowish brown or red or itchy or green or bluish skin. Erratic itching throughout the body, such as fleas. Urticaria strenuous exercise. Herpes followed by scabs. Seropurulent rashes and petechiae in the elderly. Ulcers blackish

gangrenous, with bloody discharge, fetid, especially after contusions, tense, with mottled areola. Painless ulcers, persistent or older. Painful scars that are open.


Causticum. Phosphorus.

(+++) Very effective. (+ +) Effective. (+) Useful

Source: Vijnovsky homeopathic Materia Medica "

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