Constipation. Causes and effects

Constipation unfortunately has become a widespread disease that usually is not given the attention it should. However, if they knew the risks and losses of constipation we would strive to monitor this function is as important as the daily evacuation of stool.

When I sometimes have asked people how often their waste evacuates some day tell us that 2 or 3 times a week. And the best part is that they see it as normal.

This is a huge mistake and a reckless because they are multi-morbid disorders that can lead to constipation.

Effects of Constipation

As stated in our article "Care of the colon. Your health importance "accumulations on the bowel wall become a breeding ground for harmful bacterial life. The bacteria begin to multiply in this rotting further deteriorate the material and thereby take the step to suffer more serious consequences. The heavy layer of mucus that coats the colon thickens and becomes the host of putrefaction. The capillaries that connect with the colon, instead of nutrients, absorb toxins, poisons and harmful waste through the intestinal wall and shortly afterwards all tissues and organs of the body begin to receive such substances and it is thus begins the true self-poisoning physiological level. "

So is the lack of disposal of waste digestion or retention of the same in the intestine always determined, in a slow but sure, a progressive self-poisoning in the body. Many headaches could be cured with good hygiene of the colon or intestines! Many eruptive skin manifestations (pimples, ulcers, acne) curing constipation disappear! Undoubtedly we can say: "Are you sick? Start by cleaning the colon "

How many times do we have to evacuate the debris to prevent constipation?

The gut in health status must evacuate debris twice a day (minimum), or formal meals as often as we do. It is said that the deposition of the morning corresponds to the previous day's main meal and one in the afternoon, would correspond to the dinner. For some health professionals daily evacuation, effortless, abundant, normal consistency, with little odor, would consider it normal.

Causes of Constipation
No doubt there are multiple causes of constipation, but being particularly important:
* Errors in the daily diet with the use and abuse of refined foods inadequate or no natural fiber (white flour and refined products, chocolates, sweets).
* The meat, fats, meats, excess dairy (cheese)
* The fried.
* The use of alcoholic beverages.
* Drinking water sparingly.
* A sedentary life and lack of exercise.
* A prolapsed colon (itself due to constipation).
* The use and abuse of drugs.
* Nervous spasms.
* Liver failure.
* Eating in a nervous state.

How to cure constipation
Laxatives will not cure constipation

Many people who come to the immediate remedy of some laxatives to prevent or combat constipation. This is a mistake, because the abuse of laxatives or laxatives that can cause constipation is due to the closed circle in which it becomes the practice. There may come a time in which the use of laxatives is the only way in which the intestine is able to evacuate, so you get used to a stimulus that is not natural. Moreover there are very irritating laxatives can become a health scourge.

Laxatives should be used only for exceptional cases of urgency. What is appropriate is always fighting the cause of constipation.

Laxatives are commonly used: cascara, senna, buckthorn, elderberry, licorice, linseed and psyllium (psyllium).

For children: Licorice, Fennel, Meadowsweet.
Marinate overnight two tablespoons of flax seed with prunes and take it the next day morning.

Diet for constipation
The vegetarian diet is undoubtedly the best remedy for constipation. Below we highlight some of the foods in a vegetarian diet whose effect is even more effective:

Prunes fasting previously left to soak along with flax seed. Salads. Whenever you eat starches (integral) to salads. Olive oil, spinach, brown rice, eggplant, squash, onions, cherries, plums, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, figs, peach, melon, honey, oranges, nuts, pollen, grapefruit, leeks, beets, tomatoes, grapes, carrots , seaweed, linseed with muesli.

Or fruit juice and carrots.

Hydrotherapy for Constipation
- Sitz bath of hot water.
- Drink a glass of hot water fasting and before meals.
- Alternating cold compresses another hot day with the belly.
- Above all bowel enemas. Recoredemos that these can be performed with different substances that can be added to the enema as needed each (coffee diluted Brotrunk Kanne, lime, clay, filtered seawater, Quinton Quinton Isotonic or Hypertonic.

Nutritional supplements
for constipation
Vitamin B Complex High Power: Important for the production of digestive enzymes and digestion of carbohydrates.

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) prebiotic and laxative effect. Feeds the bacteria in the intestine. Hydrates and gives volume to the stool, facilitating their expulsion and promoting bowel regularity.

Other supplements for constipation:
Magnesium carbonate, potassium, sodium, alfalfa tablets. Chlorine.

Supplement to the colon SaludBio:
One or two tablespoons of oil biolinosol fasting.

Essences for constipation

Fennel, Rosemary.

Homotoxicology - Homeopathy for Constipation
Nux vomica-Homaccord (ga), Graphites-Homaccord (g).

Other tips for constipation
* If there is prolapse of the colon using slant board to relocate these organs in place along with the appropriate massage.
* Avoid a sedentary lifestyle through long walks and regular exercise.
* Eat in relaxed atmospheres without emotional disturbances.
* To accustom the bowel evacuations daily, always at the same time to reeducate him. Do not neglect the need to evacuate when it occurs.
* Seek to enable evacuation in a position to "squat" better than sitting.

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