Convallaria. Homeopathy

(Convallaria Majalis - Lily of the Valley Muguet)
1 The mind wanders from one thought to another as you read.
2 daze, can barely think. Depressed.
3 Irritable when you ask questions. Hysterical symptoms.
4 - () Worse, in a warm room. Better: open air.
5 - () In women who complain of large uterine tenderness with palpitation or heart disease with edema, simultaneous (Nash).
6 - () anasarca, edema in heart disease (see 16). Aneurysms.
7 Pain and heaviness in the vertex, improved outdoor climbing and hawking worse. Headache with fever, less jarring, better at rest. Scalp sensitive.
8 - () Ve gray spots in the room, returning from a walk. When reading,
sees that there are short words, before the beginning of prayer. The P is replaced by other letters. Eyelids heavy. Pain in the right eye, extending to vertex and neck.
9 Feel lips raw.
10 red dots on the tip of the tongue. Tongue very red and sore, it feels as if burnt, seems raw, grainy and clean, with gastralgia swollen, with fur dirty. Coppery taste. The water tastes bitter.
Grinds teeth tomorrow. Raw sensation in the throat when breathing, with heat.
i11 - () Vomiting. Severe colic, with pain that slowly appear and disappear quickly. Hypogastric pain, worse when coughing. Dolo res like labor. Feel like tight clothes in the womb. Gurgling and abdominal pain when breathing deeply. Movements in the womb as a living thing or the points where a fetus, especially lying on her back.
12 Sense of the rectum full of gas, not relieved by flatus.
Stool brown, offensive, liquid, and hot anal with tenesmus after stool.
13 Feel the bladder distended and painful. Frequent urination and scanty; offensive. Itching in the meatus.
14 - () Grand uterine tenderness with palpitation. Labor-like pain in the sacroiliac joint that runs down the leg intermittently.
Sensation of pressing down the right uterus with continuous pain and intolerable. Vulvar pruritus.
15 - () pulmonary congestion. Dyspnea while walking. Orthopnea.
16 - () Feeling that the heart beats around the thorax; that stops beating and begins suddenly, with a feeling of faintness. Palpitation from least exertion. Very fast and irregular pulse, full, intermittent. Corazon smoking, angina pectoris. Improve cardiac symptoms lying. This is useful especially when there is ventricular dilatation with compensatory hypertrophy and absence of marked venous stasis. Cardiac dyspnea. Anasarca. Increases and regulates the heart's activity. Administering the drug in very low powers or tincture, in doses of 15 drops.
17 Pain as if beaten in the back. Chills in the back. Low back pain; in wrists, legs, ankles, toes. Tremor.
18 Chills running down the column, followed by fever and a little sweat.
Thirst and headache during the chill. Dyspnea during fever.
19 spots like mosquito bites that itch violently, to undress, scratches until the skin tear.
16 - () Gonorrhea in its first stage, or chronic, with yellowish purulent or mucopurulent secretion. Gonorrheal rheumatism. Tender, swollen, indurated. Induration and burning in the prostate. Redness and acrid moisture between her thighs and testicles.
17 red spots and burning in the vulva. Vulvar itching, burning and itching of the urethral meatus. Flow excoriating milky acid. Fetida painful menstruation, pains extended to the hips, and nausea. Metrorrhagia.
Gonorrhea in women, with copious greenish secretion.
18 - () dry cough, pain, and tingling with laryngeal dryness. Expectoration profuse, fetid, greenish gray, mucopurulent. Hemoptysis. Cough in measles.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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