Cooking Recipes: Brown Rice

Brown rice
The night before washed and allowed to sit overnight in the water twice. The next day we do but with the same water where they rest. When this fact is added to the oil. This rice can be taken alone or with vegetables.

Brown rice: rich in phosphorus and sodium.
He eats steamed vegetables.
It strengthens the body. Good for bones, teeth, etc.. It is easily digested.

Paella with vegetables
Brown rice is put in twice as much water to soak for the night. He begins to fry in oil a pinch of onion, tomato, green beans, carrots, artichokes, beans, etc.. After the rice is also fry the water leaving aside for cooking. He added, in equal parts thyme, curry, saffron and marjoram. After you add water, salt and peas. When this echo is added minced garlic and parsley, oil and cover it with a cloth.

Rice with mayonnaise
Boil the rice with green beans, peas and carrots into small pieces. When this fact is minced onion and pour in the rice and cover. When you go to eat is minced and mixed apple mayonnaise. This recipe can be made is the same but with buckwheat.

*Automatic Translation