Cooking Recipes: Eggplant

1 Item Stuffed eggplant lengthwise in two and hollowed. Finely chop mushrooms, little garlic, parsley and eggplant pulp and mix it up with grated cheese (Emmental or Gruyere). With this mixture fill the hollowed out eggplant half, which are then placed in a fountain. Scallop in the oven over medium heat. It can cover a natural pure tomatoes before putting in the oven. If you want to serve with rice, it is better not to include grated cheese in the filling. In this case, nor is the tomato paste. The same recipe works perfectly for courgettes and peppers (delicious with rice) 2 The Stuffed eggplant peeled and split in half. They removed the center and filled only track or tracks and rice and boiled or cooked ratatouille and egg. Above it puts what has been removed from the center of the eggplant and pour over a little money. You put in the oven and can put a little water to prevent sticking. When he gets the oil are over. Eggplant with tomatoes in a saucepan with a pinch of crushed garlic oil check and add sliced onions and saut.

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