Cooking Recipes: How to prepare any vegetable

As steamed To achieve a correct steam cooking, proceed as follows. At the bottom of a pot (preferably enameled cast iron of high quality, or alternatively, stainless steel), place a stainless steel mesh, a diameter just under that fund. A mat serves well. Put water to the height of the grid. Above this, place the vegetables are cooking, cover the pot and put on fire. Sometimes you need to add some water to compensate for this evaporation during cooking. Allow the fire to get the desired doneness, variable for each person. For very small vegetables (peas, for example), you can use a basket of stainless steel, sold in shops. How to prepare any vegetable are boiled with a dash of water to make steam. When they are remove from the heat and pour much minced garlic and cover it take a while so if you like flavor and gets the oil with garlic or each on your plate to your liking.

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