Cooking Recipes: Onion Soup

Fairly soup onion 1 minced onion is boiled in water. When this soft salt is thrown. Remove from the heat and add the oil. If there is going to eat tomato or starch can throw some lemon juice. Like this recipe can be made with leeks or onions and leeks and pumpkin. Bake soup onion 2 chopped onion in water. When this is ground a pot of soup with a spoon, according to quantity, yeast extract and oil. Everything is mixed with lemon juice. You can serve it with squares of tofu. 3 The onion soup gets chopped onion in a saucepan with a splash of white wine (eg Manzanilla). When you take a little while you add sauteed diced pumpkin and water. When the squash is tender the soup is made. If you want you can take lemon juice. Onion: Rich in sulfur and potassium. Peel the onions in water to keep your eyes are watering. You can take cooked or raw salad. Good for all problems catarrhal, bronchial, pulmonary

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