Cooking Recipes: Pasta, Flour and Bread

Cooked with water. Remove the water when they are still firm and drain. Can be served with any dish of steamed vegetables, seasoned with virgin olive oil or cream. Mix with chopped leeks and steamed with cream, are a delectable meal.

Preparation of grains and starchy foods
We refer to the mean grain soybean, rice, barley, maize, etc. When we say we mean starchy noodles, soups, pastas, potatoes, etc..
It takes a kind of grain or flour and food is steamed on a heavy-bottomed onion, crushed, or with water and pinch of salt until tender indicated. Do not throw the broth if you stay. Once tender beans or noodles or potatoes and so on., We can align with olive oil, garlic, parsley, tomato, etc.. as vegetable broth, or if you want to make rice soup or potatoes or starchy food you choose, always a class, simply add the vegetable broth and explained about the food steamed flour and aligned with the crude oil crushed tomatoes, etc.., stirring add the boiling broth and let stand 5 min.
In the case of rice, soybeans, wheat and other grains must soak one or two days before using water only changing the first day, using the soaking water of the second day.

Is put in? quart of warm water a tablespoon of baker's yeast, a tablespoon of apple vinegar and sea salt to taste (about 2 level tablespoons). Everything dissolves in water. In a bowl pour the water was and he is adding the flour (about 700 or 800 gr.). Stir well and begin to knead. You must knead for about fifteen or twenty minutes at least until it comes off the hands, the dough and stay caked (he will have to go by adding some flour little by little). Once it has slipped, leaving the dough in a bowl covered with a cloth and a warm, dark place for one to two hours to ferment (depending on ambient heat). When it has risen, the dough is divided into two or three parts that will be that we will remove the bars. These two or three pieces of dough is kneaded again again for about 10 or 15 minutes and given the way you want. Once this is done is left to rise again (do not be long). When it has risen again is asked few slices with a razor blade or knife and put in preheated oven at a temperature of 180 o C. 200th The tray on which are placed bars and are placed in the oven is put some flour on the bottom. After being in the oven for about ten minutes bars lowers the oven at a temperature of 160th C. and leave for about two hours or so until well cooked inside. As with meal takes longer to perform and does not rise much.

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