Copaiva. Homeopathy

(Balsam Copaiba)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Copaiva
1 Depression, anxiety and fatigue with sadness of life. Misantropia. Low memory.
2 The least noise startles him and irritates him; excessive nervous sensibility.
3 Anxiety about his health. Fear of dying.
4 Cry to hear the piano.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Copaiva
5 - () Burning pain: skin, stomach, urethra, prostate, chest.
6 Violent headache with urticaria, worse when walking at night, resting his head on the pillow, washing face with cold water, better by gentle pressure. Occipital pain. Hemicrania left burning, with sensation of cold. Hair loss. Scalp sensitive.
7 Tingling in the corners of the eyes in the evening. He sees black spots. The objects look paler with the left eye.
8 Excessive auditory sensitivity, especially for high pitched sounds.
9 - () Epistaxis in children, from beatings. Chronic nasal catarrh with green or yellow discharge, profuse, thick, falling backwards at night, and causes breathlessness. Nasal Obstruction aching; dry nares.
Burning and dryness, with crusts in the turbinates. Colds.
10 - () Face pale, sickly. Disfiguring acne. Urticaria in the face.
Moist and red eruption on the upper lip, swollen and painful. Heats in the face eating.
11 speaks with difficulty. Tongue white, greenish at the base. Sensation of cold in the teeth. Foul breath. Seem overly salty foods.
Bitter taste. Mucus in mouth and throat. Chronic catarrh of the throat.
Swollen tonsils, but the right. Foreign body sensation in the pharynx.
12 - () Lack of appetite, great thirst. Gastric distention and fullness after eating, with regurgitation of food and mucus. Gastric during menstruation or with urticaria. Acidity.
13 Colico with flatulence and diarrhea. Rumbling and movements in the 1ientre. Burning, burning. Pressing pain or throbbing in region of spleen. Hypogastrium sensitive. Hypertrophied and painful inguinal nodes. Drawing pains that make it bend.
14 - () Colitis mucosa; stool covered with mucus, stool white
bloody, greenish, with colic and chills. Accidentally gets dirty. Stool like sheep; insufficient. Intolerable burning and itching in the anus with hemorrhoids. Stitches and spasms in the rectum. Diarrhea alternating with constipation. Chronic anal fistula coughing. Removes worms.
Sense of weight on the perineum.
15 - () Urine can only wait out or doing much force, with fine spray or drops. Itching, pain and burning in the urethra before and during urination. Meatus swollen, inflamed, dilated, with excoriating pain.
Urethral contraction. Frequent or constant desire to urinate, violent, burning pains in the neck of the bladder to try it, with retention of urine. Vesical catarrh, chronic. Dysuria. Hematuria, especially in women. Foamy urine, cloudy green, dark red, scarce, with brick-colored sediment; hot, with thick mucus, brown, violet or pungent odor.
Burning in the chest, stitching, dyspnea; tions.
19 Activity tumultuous heart, palpitations, tachycardia.
20 - () Restlessness in the limbs. Pain and swelling of the knees and ankles.
21 daytime sleepiness, restless sleep at night. Frightening dreams or erotic.
22 - () daily malarial fever, with shivering and cold in the morning, and pain in the back of the feet, fever and thirst for later, wanting to cold water.
Sweats acid or pungent odor at night; toilets tomorrow.
23 - () Urticaria worse at night, with intolerable itching, fever and gastric irritation, plates bright or dark red, raised, size of a lentil, with unbearable itching. Hives all over. Large red spots all over, with constipation and slight fever. Chronic Urticaria in children. Chilblains. Jaundice. Erysipelas, especially in the belly.
Bullous eruptions.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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