Coqueluchinum. Homeopathy

Co PERTUSSINUM - Nosode of whooping-cough)
(expectorated mucus obtained by Pertussis)
1 - () The introducer of this nosode in homeopathy, Clarke, says: "In all cases of pertussis, may well defined, give the remedy (Coqueluchinum) attenuation in the 30th, every 4 hours and routinely, usually quickly (the drug) controls the case and do whatever is necessary. In my experience, is consistent with all other drugs in the cough (Dros. v., Cor.R., Coc.C ., etc.) and where are their specific indications, I give also, in alternation or even alone. " In whooping cough from other sources, including some flu. And finally, it is very useful in the aftermath of a whooping cough or disorders which had as its starting point a whooping.
The symptoms listed below are those who, through clinical experience, have disappeared by the action of the drug.
2 coryza with cough.
3 - () Cara coughing intensely red.
Itching of the palate 4 to sleep at night.
5 - () Tickling in the throat that causes coughing.
6 - () Vomiting, nausea or retching at the end of the cough.
7 - () Shortness of breath with cough. As a sigh or sob at the end of the cough.
Suffocation, and choking, with coughing, waking by intense cough tickle in the throat or larynx or trachea. Croupy cough, loud and deep.
Cough with choking spasmodic. Cough in paroxysms frequently repeated. Stitching pain in the chest when coughing.