Corallium rubrum. Homeopathy

(Coral Red)


GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Corallium

1 Moody, grumbling, irritable, complaining, protesting the pain.

2 - () lesions (rashes, ulcers, cte.) And manifestations (face) are red coral.

3 - () Worse, during sleep and waking, for change of time or by switching from one room to warm a cold, outdoors, at night, on stooping;
by touch; after lunch, with wine. Better: to be filled.

4 This too cold when uncovered and has to cover her hot, better artificial heat.

Sense of 5 separate bones (parietal, nasal, etc.)..

Desire and aversion of Corallium
6 - () Desire for acids and salt.

SPECIFIC Corallium
7 - () Sense of wind blowing through the skull, fast moving or shaking the head or rocking. Head feels very large, three times its size. Empty feeling of hollowness in the head. Pressing headache front,
to can keep my eyes open, it seems that everything would go out the front;
as if he had crushed the front, better walking outdoors. Parietal headache, worse on stooping, as if they were to separate the bones. Congestion of the head on stooping.

8 Mydriasis in the cough. Excoriating pain when moving eyes or blink, like sand, with red eyes. Hot and painful eyes, worse on closing, as full of tears. Burning eyes by artificial light.

9 - () Profuse nasal secretion falling backwards, with frequent hawking.
"It's the most useful remedy in postnasal catarrh" (Nash). Inspired air feels cold. Violent catarrh nasal mucous that seems tallow, and leaves greasy stains on the handkerchief. Painful ulcer on the right nostril and inner surface of the nasal ala, with the feeling that the nasal bones were separated. Epistaxis night. One half of the swollen nose. Great dry nose. You smell smoke, onions, etc.. Nasal obstruction.

10 - () Heat in face stooping. Face very red or dark purple in the cough. Bruised pain in malar worse on touch. Pain as of dislocation of the temporomandibular joint, opening his mouth or chew. Painful swelling of submaxillary glands, the left worse, worse when swallowing or tilt the head forward. Chapped lips, painful and swollen. Hot cheeks and forehead, with cold feet, after dinner.

11 - () sensation of having teeth clenched with each other or as if a foreign body between them. Tongue white. He does not feel the taste of food. Sweetish taste of beer. Great dryness of the mouth and throat, with sensation of excoriation in swallowing. Hawks constantly, runny nose falls backward.

12 Intense thirst, no appetite. Vomiting of mucus by coughing.

13 Constipation for several days, followed by tarry stools.

14 Urine ardent colored plaster, with sediment.

15 - () Foreskin swollen and achy, worse from slightest touch; frenulum pain. Genital copious sweats. Wet dreams, without dreams or erections. Spermatorrhoea sexual weakness. Coral-red sores are very painful, very sensitive to touch, flat, on the glans and inner prepuce, with copious, yellow or green, and fetida. Balanitis. Lardaceas and red ulcers on the glans and foreskin. Chancroids very painful in the penis and scrotum. Syphilitic lesions on the genitals.

16 - () Cough, violent, spasmodic, paroxysmal, whooping cough, choking, barking, looking red coral, preceded by choking and vomiting followed by abundant mucus and exhaustion. It is one of the most important of the cough medicines, with a very peculiar feature: the approaches are very violent and happen very quickly (Dros.), beginning the following when the former is almost over, how to link short coughing between if it is a real gun cough. Pertussis with epistaxis. Whistling inspiration (fifth). Cough caused because inspired air feels cold. Laryngismus stridulus. Dyspnea. Cough eat. Sensation of cold in the respiratory tree to inspire. Yellow expectoration; cold.
Tuberculosis. Nervous coughs.

Stiff neck 17. Lumbosacral pain, as if broken. Pressing pain in the shoulder blades, worse when coughing.

18 Pain in the wrists. Red miliary eruption, itching, rough as a grater, elbows. Smooth spots, copper (as syphilis), on the palms and fingers, are first coral red. Pain in the knees and ankles as if he had walked a lot.

19 Drowsy, asleep standing. Starts on sleep. Violent and frequent yawning.

20 Chills better external heat. Shivering with fever, frontal pain and burning thirst. Dry heat internally and externally, with full pulse.

21 - () All eruptions are red coral. Stains are then copper. Measles. Purpura. Psoriasis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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