Corn germ oil. Properties

We will discuss:
Atherosclerosis and cholesterol.
Investigation of the effect of corn germ oil in the body.
Conclusions and therapeutic properties of corn germ oil.
Composition of corn germ oil.

Atherosclerosis and cholesterol
Atherosclerosis is a disease characterized by hardening and loss of elasticity of the arteries due to accumulation of cholesterol and lipids on the inner walls thereof. Not properly establish the relationship between the percentage of cholesterol and lipoproteins in blood serum and arteriosclerosis, but the majority of patients with heart disease tend to maintain higher values than healthy people. Because of the influence they may have cholesterol in the development of atherosclerosis have been proposed various diets low in cholesterol.
Another way to control the par value of blood cholesterol is to find substances capable of reducing it.
There is evidence that the type of fat used in the feeding is very important and unsaturated fatty acids promote a decrease of cholesterol and lipoproteins.

Investigation of the effect of corn germ oil in the body
Studying with vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids sen in 1956 found the good qualities of corn germ oil to lower cholesterol
The first tests were carried out by Drs Jones and Reiss, University of Chicago in chickens which caused a high cholesterol by adding cholesterol to the diet.
Comparing the effect of adding a batch of chicken corn germ oil and a lot of cottonseed oil, found that the former was active and caused limited hypercholesterolemia and subsequent atherosclerosis.
In animal testing step is to study the effect on people and so Dr. Horlick of Canada test the corn germ oil in hypercholesterolemic patients with coronary heart disease and some very interesting results, even to obtain a reduction of 24% blood cholesterol. Also was found that cooking does not diminish the power hipoclesterolemico.
These first tests have been confirmed worldwide and there are research papers published in numerous countries, all of whom agree on the ownership of corn germ oil to lower cholesterol and lipoproteins, which have a natural product without being a drug, can prevent arteriosclerosis and its dreadful consequences.
In the experiments have been administered to one hundred grams of corn germ oil with good hypocholesterolemic action and without symptoms of intolerance (TI Vol

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