Cornus alternifolia. Homeopathy

Cornus alternifolia
(Walnut Swamp)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cornus alternifolia
1 ill feeling as if something terrible were to happen.
2 Without ambition to do anything. Tired and sleepy.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cornus alternifolia
3 Best: after walking in the open air after dinner.
SPECIFIC Cornus alternifolia
4 frontal headaches worse when moving or bending (feels like something out of the front). Heaviness in the head with nausea and dizziness. Sneezing.
Pustules on face and neck.
5 Painful ulcer in the mouth. Arnarillenta white tongue. Raw sensation in the throat, with hoarseness. Nausea with chills, fever row of candy. Liver pain. Diarrhea or stools hard at first, then soft.
6 - () cough and chest heaviness. Cold sensation in the chest, as if full of ice or cold air (is featurings). Chest pain and left shoulder.
7 - () sound very broken, takes many turns. Sounds with dead rats, with intercourse (and has a pollution). You wake up tired. Insomnia.
8 Chills (with nausea) followed by fever (vomiting). Ague.
9 - () eczema, skin cracking, especially in the folds, with watery sticky (Graph.).