Cornus circinata. Homeopathy

CORNUS circinata
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CORNUS circinata
1 - () Indolence with loss of mental and physical energy, worse by the heat of summer. Indifferent, drowsy, confused upon arising in the morning, can not fix the attention. He forgets to familiar things. Depressed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CORNUS circinata
2 - () Worst of the rlespertar morning.
3 - () Heaviness in the head with throbbing pain and nausea in temples,
best for coffee. Headache with sleepiness; hemicraneas, pain over eyes.
Headache worse by walking, by bending or shaking the head; best for coffee.
4 - () Eyes sunken with dark circles and conjunctive yellowish sore. Heaviness
in the eyelids and eyes. Herpes on the eyelids.
5 stinging or tingling in the nose and nasal bones. Hey stamps.
6 - () Heat and burning in the cheeks, without flushing. Face yellowish or pale, sallow and sunken, sickly, with expressions of suffering and weakness. Vesicular facial eczema in children.
Bitter taste 7. Tongue white or yellowish. Thrush in children. Burning mouth and throat.
8 - () Arcade morning. Nausea by bitter taste, with aversion to food and desire for acid drinks. Heartburn. Digestion slow. Empty feeling of languor and gastric distension. Burning, throbbing gastralgias.
9 - () Chronic hepatitis, jaundice. Bowel movements, bowel sounds, abdominal distention and pain umbilical better after stool.
10 - () Diarrhea with excessive weakness and nervousness, immediately after eating. Urgent diarrhea in the morning, with dark stools, watery and bilious or mucous greenish. Hard, dry stools. Tironente pain or pressing down on the rectum and intestines, worse during stool. Infantile diarrhea and teething. Ulceration in the rectum.
11 Urine scanty and dark.
12 - () Increased sexual desire, unable to sexual impotence. Erections intense at night. Itching. Eczema.
13 Cash flow. Vulvar pruritus.
1 14 Trends to breathe deeply. Dry cough, chronic, with mucous expectoration, with stitches in the chest. Rheumatic or neuralgic pains in the chest. Bruised pains, intermittent, in the chest and belly. Scarlet rash with itching in the chest.
15 beats visible in the thorax. Palpitations. Tachycardia.
16 - () Drawing pains in the neck; deaf in the back. Lumbar pain,
as broken, worse when bending forward.
Weakness in the 17 States. Postdiarrea cold hands and feet. Burning and itching in hands and arms. Right hip pain lying down. Legs weak and shaky to climb. Itching legs and thighs, burning feet. Rheumatic pains.
18 - () Great tendency to sleep, sleepiness during the headaches. Unrefreshing sleep, disturbed by unpleasant dreams.
19 - () Chills with nausea, headache, weakness and heat waves.
Ague or malaria with paroxysms preceded by drowsiness and headaches, sweats for the least effort, with great fatigue, weakness and diarrhea during apyrexia, when all stages appear aborted.
Widespread clammy sweat, with nausea, sleepiness, clumsiness, head pain and confusion.
20 Piel earthy yellow. Warmth of skin, burning, itching or tickling, worse by rubbing or scratching. Paroxysmal itching, worse at night.
Volcanic dry or wet, with cough. Vesicular eruptions with chronic heepatopatias or thrush. Urticaria. Eczema.