Cortisone. Homeopathy

Pathogenesis of W. L. Templeton (V VI 1963).
1 - () euforica state of stress, active and enterprising, with rapid changes of mode of being, or alternation of excitability, with a state of fatigue, tiredness or depression. Heavy, confused, irritable, impatient, the action settles it.
2 Sadness, crying without reason, melancholia, thoughts of death.
3 difficulty concentrating. Memory weak. Mental activity is difficult and makes it worse.
4 - () Dry skin and mucous membranes.
5 - () The tendency to obesity or corpulence, with a round face, with fluid retention. Slowness of mind and body. Cushing syndrome. Increased uric acid delcolesterol and bloodstream.
6 - () Fatigue after an acute illness or debilitating, especially if blood pressure has not dropped, and takes cold easily or "catch" any infectious disease. Asthenia in patients with hypertension, especially if they also rheumatic.
7 Worse: Morning, by heat, for immobility, by scratching; by coughing, by pressure. Better-for menstruation; walk in the evening.
Laterality predominant left.
8 - () Headache as if a bandage or band around the head, worse in forehead and over his right eye, or tearing in the occiput, worse from pressure, motion, heat and sun, better air free. Throbbing headache around the right eye, left side vertex and occiput.
Vertigo worse in a warm room.
9 - () inflammatory irritation of the eyes, especially the right, with dryness on the edge of the eyelids, and more on the internal angle; worse by the pressure and in a warm room, better outdoors. Tension retroocular. Painful eyes, dry, with lids attached. Styes.
Vision cloudy. Accommodation difficult.
10 Hear ringing in the ears.
11 Sneezing in the morning, better by washing. Dry nasal mucosa.
12 - () Round, bloated, of "moon". Facial acne. Cara aspera, worse from heat.
13 - () Dry mouth, mainly morning.
14 - () Dry throat and pharynx, worse when swallowing, better by eating warm honey. Uvula red.
15 - () insatiable appetite. Polydipsia. Nausea for milk or fat. The stomach is the worst of morning and hot drinks. Gastric fullness, better during menstruation and walking.
16 - () Diarrhea upon arising in the morning, after breakfast or after a meal. Constipation, with incomplete evacuation of hard stools, like balls.
17 urination at night. Frequent urination; must make efforts.
Oliguria. Glycosuria. Albuminuria. Casts.
18 decreased sexual desire in men.
19 - () Amenorrhea in young girls. Menses copious, thick with heavy hypogastrium.
20 - () Dyspnea or shortness of breath, nervous irritation worse by getting hot or a warm room, with retrosternal heaviness. Laryngeal cough with sneezing in the morning. Cough worse by laughing, by excitement, by walking, physical exertion, undress, and to shave. Expectoration gelatinous gray. Discolored skin of the chest.
21 - () Pain under the rib dorsal, left side, extending to the sacroiliac joint, worse sitting, stooping and tomorrow, better from motion and pressure, sacroiliac pain is like a broken bone. Low back pain worse sitting or lying down. Sharp pain right sacroiliac worse when bending or sitting, better lying down or standing. Acne on the back.
22 - () Drawing pain behind the knees. Restless legs. Edema in the legs. Acne on shoulders. Dry, cracked, chapped, with red spots on the back of the hands, sometimes with a blistering rash and itching. Itchy rash on hands, legs and feet.
23 light sleeper, easily disturbed and would not rest; shaken, not 2uede sleep and wakes up tired.
24 - () or Ecchymotic red stripe on the skin. Hair grows more.
Large round plates, something hard, hands, ankles and left neck. Presternal and red rash on the bed of the one and backs of the fingers.