Cotyledon. Homeopathy

(Cotyledon Umbilicus)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of cotyledon
1 - () Sensation as if a body part is absent, especially the head or foot.
2 feeling confused, lost or absent, on waking, with difficulty thinking.
3 Disorders suppressed emotions.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of cotyledon
4 Worse from morning to evening.
5 Fainting, and see green shadows. Epilepsies.
Cancer 6.
Shooting pains or 7 shocks.
SPECIFIC cotyledon
8 Headache in forehead and vertex, jumping from one site to another, piesfrios,
best outdoors.
9 View and hearing impaired. Go yellow spots. Ears.
10 breathlessness and fullness in the throat, and feels as if to mourn.
11 Gastralgia extending to shoulder with nausea. The press swallows mouthful cardia with pain.
12 - () points and dull pain in the hypochondrium; drawing in the
spleen. Diarrhea alternating with constipation.
13 Urine copious and clear; frequency.
14 - () Flushing laryngotracheal. Laryngeal tickling dry cough. Stitches below the nipple, under the left, with pain in her right breast. Left breast pain in left shoulder blade. Oppression.
15 - () Marked action upon the heart. Heat and restlessness chest, precordial pain better pressing. Fullness and very troublesome palpitations, climbing a hill.
16 Rheumatic pains in his right shoulder, pain in wrists and hands at night. Joint pain. Sciatica with stabbing pains. Limbs heavy and sore.