Cough Pertussis. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Cough Pertussis

Expulsion sudden, loud, more or less repeated and violent air from the lungs.

Cough Medicine for the Diet: Cherries. Dates, figs, lettuce, lemon, honey, turnip, parsley, grapes, carrots.

Medicine for cough with Medicinal Plants
: Eucalyptus, Oregano, Thyme, Malva, Fenugreek, Marshmallow, Drosera, Mullein, Coltsfoot, Lettuce, Lemon, Lavender.

Medicine for cough with Hydrotherapy: Cataplasm Lino, onion and honey. Steamship infusion of thyme and eucalyptus.

Medicine for cough with
nutritional supplements: onion and honey syrup. Chop the onion one end and put on it a spoonful of honey. Leave it for 4 hours. Take teaspoonful every hour or hour and a half. Also Horseradish syrup and brown sugar (15 days to make)

Medicine for cough with Essences: Eucalyptus, niaouli, Thyme, Sage. Chest and back rubs biological essence of eucalyptus oil and sage.

Cough remedies with Homeopathy
Cough, barking: Aconitum napellus, Belladonna, Coccus cacti, Drosera rotundifolia, Hepar sulfur, Rumex crispus, Spongia Tosta.
Cough accompanied by vomiting: Antimonium tart, Bryonia alba, Drosera rotundifolia, Ignatia Amara, Ipecacuanha, Kali bichromicum.
Cough worsened by cold air: Arsenicum album, Causticum, Hepar sulph, Hyoscyamus niger, Phosphorus, Rumex crispus.
Cough worse in a warm room: Allium cepa, Apis mellifica, Bryonia alba, Coccus cacti, Drosera rotundifolia, Kali sulph, Lycopodium clavatum, Pulsatilla, Senega, Spong toast.
Cough on lying: Arsenicum album, Drosera rotundifolia, Hyoscyamus niger, Pulsatilla.

Painful cough
- The person's head must be tightened. Alba Bryonia, Nux vomica, Sulfur.
- The person must squeeze the sides: Arnica montana, Bryonia alba, Drosera rotundifolia, Phosphorus.
- The person must be tightened throat: Aconitum napellus, Allium cepa, Belladonna, Drosera rotundifolia, Hepar sulfur, Phosphorus.

Productive cough (with phlegm many)
- It fails to cough up: Antimonium tart, Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba, Belladonna, Calc carb, Causticum Chamomilla vulgaris, Drosera rotundifolia, amara Ignatia, Ipecac, Sepia officinalis, Spongia Tosta.
- Cough-pitched: Arsenicum album, Drosera rotundifolia, Hepar sulph, Lachesis mutus.
- Cough Ronca: Aconitum napellus, Allium cepa, Belladonna, Carbo veg, Causticum, Drosera rotundifolia, Hepar sulph, Kali bichromicum.
- Accompanied by nausea: Antimonium tart, Ipecac, Pulsatilla.
- During fever: Arsenicum album, Bryonia Alba, Calcarea carb, Carbo veg, China officinalis, Drosera rotundifolia, Dulcamara, Kali carbon / cum, Lycopodium clavatum, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Spongia Tosta, Sulfur.

Dry Cough:
- Dry night, productive day: Aconitum napellus, Bryonia alba, Conium, Hepar sulph, Hyoscyamus niger, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla.
- In bed at night: Belladonna, Carbo veg, Hyoscyamus niger, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Sepia officinalis.

Medicine for cough with homotoxicology
: Husteel (g), Tartephedreel (g), Atropinum comp. (a.sup.) Drosera-Homaccord (ga), Bronchalis-Heel (c)

Whooping Cough

Medicine for whooping cough with Medicinal Plants: Lavender, eucalyptus, figs, turnips, Fumaria, Violet, linseed.


Pertussis, pertussis, whooping cough, infectious and contagious disease, very common in childhood.

Natural Medicine with whooping cough homotoxicology: Drosera-Homaccord (ga), Droperteel (c) Tartephedreel (g), Husteel (g), Atropinum comp. (a.sup.)

Medicine for whooping cough with Homeopathy
: Drosera rotundifolia 30 CH 5 Major. (systematic prescription whooping cough)

Other remedies for whooping cough: Antimonium tart, Arnica montana, Belladonna, Carbo veg, Coccus cacti, Ipecac.

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