Cramps. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Definition of cramp
Cramp: Spasmodic contraction, involuntary, painful, and temporarily, of a muscle or muscles, especially in the calf or of the muscular layer of the stomach.

Causes of cramps
The causes of cramping are, among others:
* The cold
* The Treasury excessive effort
* The excessive dehydration of the muscle (as in cholera)

There are also called cramps "professionals" who are associated with continuous and sustained efforts being made in the case of certain professions: guitarists, players, pianists, cyclists, dancers, etc..

Generally a good massage or application of heat in a short time put an end to cramp, causing relaxation of the tight muscle. Also note other treatments used in Medicine for the tendency to fight cramps.

Medicine for cramps with Medicinal Plants
Nettle Green, Ash, Horse Chestnut, Wormwood, onion, Eyebright, Golden Rod, Birch, Horsetail, hawthorn, Ruda, Linden, Valerian

Medicine for cramps with
nutritional supplements
Calcium. Magnesium (every day). Tip of a knife crushed eggshell (2 or 3 times daily).
Aesculaforce and Himalayan Salt

Remedies with Essences for cramps
Basil, Marjoram, Lemongras

Medicine for cramps with Hydrotherapy
If they are calves, foot bath rising temperature. Twice a week a hot bath.

Medicine for cramps with Homotoxicology
Veratrum-Homaccord (g) and Spascupreel (v. sup.) Treatment of shock in case of cramps.

Remedies with Homeopathy for cramps. Cuprum metalicum 7 or 9 CH

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