Cream Antiestrias. Natural Cosmetics

Royal Antiestrias Cream (Stretch Mark Cream)

Composition: wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, carrot juice, apple juice, vitamins A, E, C, zinc, selenium.

Properties: This is a regenerating cream for excellence and has different properties and uses to explain below.
Uses: Suitable for all skin types, especially for skin with problems of stretch marks, scars or blemishes. For very dry skin, with or without peeling, with pores completely closed, with redness, itching or not, looking deteriorated.
Ways to use
Twice daily in areas with stretch marks, rubbing the cream for more absorption.

Recommendation: To heal the skin and get rid of stretch marks quickly is more important not to use gel daily soap in the shower.

It is interesting to take a picture before you start your applications Antiestrias Cream and repeat photos every two months to see the evolution of the fabric.
Thanks to high level in its composition of vitamins A and C and zinc is an excellent healing.

You must apply two or more times a day, since being a natural product has no side effect. Combine with application of the alkaline cleaning liquid to the skin of the scar. Frequent applications shorten the recovery time and reduce the depth of the scars.
For pigmented or depigmented spots
Pigmented spots: Blending Liquid Cleaner applications with one or two daily applications of this cream Antiestrias, the stains will disappear within a period of time that varies with the size of them and ranging from six months to one year.

Depigmented spots: With one or two daily applications are reduced and eliminated these kinds of stains.
Body Rejuvenation
Due to its high content of vitamin E and selenium, is an incomparable body rejuvenating cream. Daily use of this Antiestrias Cream restores skin to a youthful and healthy.

Remember, skin care is not just a matter of aesthetics, but of health.

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