The healing crisis and Hering's law and Iridology

The healing crisis and Hering's law

Then we will explain something fundamental to understanding how to achieve true health. Any person who has undergone a more or less severe disease should undergo a healing crisis or more to regain their health. It is necessary to understand them thoroughly and know how to act properly when they occur. Consider carefully what is a healing crisis.

The great iridologist and naturopath Bernard Jensen had the experience of many patients live with their healing crisis. Therefore, it in simple language that anyone reaches describes this wonderful process. This information is taken from references he has made in its publications healing crisis.

We will:
- Definition of healing crisis.
- Law of cure Hering.
- When it is presented. Process.
- Getting to the healing crisis.
- Feeding during the healing crisis.

Definition of Healing Crisis
"The healing crisis is an acute reaction resulting from the preponderance of the healing forces of nature on the manifestations of the disease. This crisis follows the recovery of health, and therefore is an event in accordance with the constructive principle of nature ". (From a catechism of naturopathy).

The following will be discussed what happens when we're well into a program of elimination and detoxification.

The healing crisis is a laborious effort of each of the organs of the body to eliminate waste products and pave the way for regeneration.

The law of cure Hering
This crisis occurs in accordance with the law of cure Hering which reads:

"The improvement and healing occurs from the inside out. Symptoms disappear from the top down. The discomfort is from an important organ to a less important. The symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance."

Through this constructive process geared toward health, sick and old tissues are replaced with new healthy tissue. The crisis of the disease itself, by contrast, is poor but also natural, and all organs of the body is rebelling against her instead of working, as in the case of the healing crisis. Any event that occurs in the body, whether favorable or unfavorable, is controlled by natural laws.

The experience of going through a healing crisis is very similar to the critical states of the disease, since they re-experience the symptoms of the malady afflicting the patient, but there is a very important difference: elimination. In the healing crisis is perfect elimination. Defecation is natural. All the organs of elimination are fulfilling their function normally. In states of critical illness, however, removal processes cease or are unsatisfactory, which further complicates the disease status of the patient. In the healing crisis elimination processes are accelerated because of the abundance of vital energy recovered. All secretions and other debris accumulated in the body dissolve and flow freely, thus establishing a general cleaning and purification.

What happens with old fabrics? There are reabsorbed or eliminated immediately, are gradually exchanged by the effect of the bloodstream and this gradual process may take several months. The process of building a new cell structure is achieved through good, clean blood that contains all the substances required and flowing in abundance wherever he is needed. The real cure will be fulfilled when old and sick tissues have been completely replaced by new and healthy.

When it is presented. Process
According to the description of it makes the doctors, this healing process may require a longer or shorter period before the crisis is presented. A child may be required from seven to fourteen days. In adults usually occurs after the third month. In some cases occur in cycles of seven.

The crisis may occur without notice, but you can usually anticipate their closeness as the patient begins to say he feels very good. That's why we say that the healing crisis is a blessing in disguise as exacerbation of the disease.

There are three stages through which patients must go through to become well: the removal, transition and reconstruction. The crisis occurs during the transition phase, which is one in which new tissues reached sufficient maturity to begin to assume the functions allocated to them on a body that is already on track to perfection.

The healing crisis usually lasts three days and begins with mild pain or discomfort that can get to become more severe until it has reached the point of complete expulsion. Sometimes they have high fevers. After this point decrease in pain intensity. If the patient's energy is low, the crisis may last a week or more. The more vitality and strength is in the patient, be more profoundly affected by the crisis.

Getting to the healing crisis
Although there are many roads leading to the crisis, fasting is the faster will appear. However, fasting alone is not sufficient to achieve complete recovery of all evil. After the fast the naturopath will prescribe the necessary chemical elements provide the body for its reconstruction, and also give the patient instructions for a right way to live.

Often the crisis does not occur during a period of fasting. If this were the case, it is necessary to hold the patient to a short restorative health program before the crisis is reached. For the crisis occurs must match all the circumstances that drive it: the climate and the appropriate height. A proper mental attitude, healthy habits, good nutrition, etc.. Keep in mind that the entire body must take action, under the right conditions.

Recall that when the healing crisis is also developing an acute stage produces what has happened during the course of the disease. While the problem is removed, her symptoms are drawing step by step, but in reverse as the law says Hering. To heal, the patient has to go through the crisis. We must wait, keep an eye on it and promote it. The crisis revives patient illness or disease that has been living throughout their lives. Although the patient did not remember which it has passed, the body never forgets and runs in reverse the accumulated evil. Are many clinical experiences that demonstrate the revival of past complaints to the total restoration of health.

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