Crocus sativus (saffron). Homeopathy

Crocus sativus
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Crocus sativus

1 - () Temperament very changeable, and changes are frequent, fast,
sudden and extreme happens suddenly of utmost hilarity (singing,
dancing, whistling, laughing, jumping) to the deepest dejection, weeping and moaning, or is excessively happy, affectionate, kissing everyone, and the next moment this mad and insults (worse in the evening), state that in a minute, can be followed by repentance, or laughter quickly followed by tears. Childish behavior.

2 - () Alternate physical and mental symptoms.

3 - () hysterical laughter, uncontrollable, involuntary, loud, silly, sleeping.
States with manic laughter. Disorders of excessive joy. Sing, dance, whistle, jump. Very sensitive to music, sing unwittingly joining her if you hear singing, and then laughs. Sing childishly. Sing sleeping. Talkative.

4 Memory lively, fast, or distraction and forgetfulness. A lot of memory for music.

5 Think that's going to die, not interested in their occupations. Sadness anxious.

6 Excessive shyness.

7 - () The tendency to bleeding from various orifices of the body when blood is black, viscous, clotted long, black, stringy, hanging from the holes that bleed, like stalactites (Elaps).

8 - () peculiar sensation as if a living thing that moves in the
stomach, intestine, stomach, arm, or any region, with nausea and eesfallecimiento. This can be a definite feeling or delusion or obsession. Cases of false and imaginary pregnancies.

9 - () spasmodic contractions, chronic (myoclonus) in muscle groups (especially on the eyelids). Jerks. Tingling in various parts of
body. Korea, with laughter, songs, dances, jumps, worse at night every 7 days. Tremors in the limbs. Hysteria.

10 - () Worse: heat, in a warm room, a morning, evening and night, staring at an object lying; fasting, during new and full moon; in pregnancy. Better: ibre air (and wants) or after eating breakfast, dancing, yawning.

11 - () Excessive prostration in the evening, for severe physical effort, with great feeling of drowsiness and swollen eyelids; better for literary occupation. Fainting. Great Depression in the morning.

12 - () Laterality left.

13 tumors ulcerated with bleeding characteristics (see 7).

Desire and aversion Crocus sativus
14 Major desire for cold drinks.

SPECIFIC Crocus sativus
15 - () with epistaxis and congestion of the head pounding. Headache at menopause, in the days of their menstrual dates, which lasts 2 or 3 days, with pulsations and dilatation of the cephalic vessels. Headache before, during or after menstruation. Dizziness, as if intoxicated, better outdoors.
Vertigo with fainting, worse when lying down or standing up when he lifts his head. Sensation of looseness of the brain. Blows to the forehead and temples.
Brusco cold on the left side. Pulsation in the left half of the head and face.

16 - () Eyes fixed, staring. Itching of the eyelids, feeling of acrid smoke in their eyes, as if the room was filled with smoke. Excoriating pain and burning in the eyes and eyelids, worse on closing, reading or artificial light. Sensation of swollen eyes, as if he had cried a lot.
Dry eyes worse when reading. Intense lacrimation to read, just beginning, better outdoors. Lancinating and hot after eye operations. Spasmodic twitching of the eyelids. You have to blink when reading, and frequently wiping his eyes, because he feels like a mucous film on them. Constant need to rub their eyes. Night cramps in the eyelids, which stick. Mydriasis and sluggish pupil reaction. Neuralgia.
Asthenopia. Glaucoma imminent. Embolism of central retinal artery.
Extreme photophobia. Strong tendency to squeeze the eyelids to each other, occasionally, he eases. Pain in the left eye, then right, with sensation of cold wind blowing through the eyes (Fl.Ac., Syph.). See how electric spark or a stain that jumps vertically, it sees the light cloudy evening. In reading, the paper seems rosy and bright.

17 Buzzing with hipoactisia, worse when stooping.

18 - () bleed black blood, sticky, stringy, and each drop becomes a long strand that hangs, with cold sweat dripping from the crente, yellow face, sometimes thought to be dying, fainting; in children which occur very quickly. Frequent and violent sneezing, with stringy mucus.

19 - () Cara earthy, or alternately pale and red, or yellow, sallow.
Circumscribed red spots on my face. Heat facial burning, worse tomorrow.
Pulsations in without one side of the face. Lips chapped and sore.

20 Language dirty, white with large papillae. Sour taste, sweet or bitter.
Foul breath. Heat in the mouth. Sialorrhea watery.

21 Sense of elongated uvula. Feeling of lump in the mouth. Throat aspera, better eating.

22 - () sick feeling in the chest and throat. Nausea better outdoors. Belching tasteless. Sensation of emptiness in the epigastrium. Distension of
stomach, even when fasting. Sensation of something alive that was moving or jumping in the epigastric hollow, up and down. Fast gastric fullness, even eating little. Heartburn after eating, burning pains. Oppression and epigastric discomfort, stitches.

23 - () sensation of something alive jumps and moves in the stomach, more to the left (right Thuya), with nausea, faintness and tingling.
At night, on waking, she felt several kicks on the left side of the belly, like a fetus. Stitches in the womb to breathing deteienen. Heaviness with pressure to the uterus and in English. Cutting pains in the hypogastric, extended to the sacrum.
Abdominal distention with a feeling of fullness. Cramps and stitches in his stomach by taking cold or drinking water.

24 - () Congestion Constipation obstinate portal, with loss of blood.
Constipation in newborns. Bloody stringy dark. Stitch prolonged period in the year. Itching and tingling, as from worms.
Stitch from anus to the left groin, worse on inspiration. Intolerable kink in the anus.

25 Increased sexual desire in men.

26 - () Sense of a living thing that moves on the hypogastric or in utero,
especially during menstruation, with a distended belly, which could lead to think about a nonexistent pregnancy, pregnancy false and imaginary.
Menses frequent, profuse, painful, preferably new or full moon, bloody black or dark, stringy, slimy, coagulated tar like threads. Active Metrorrhagia Blood, thick, fetid, slimy, black clots, painless, offensive, after becoming overheated or effort or lifting weights or abortion in the third month, worse slightest movement. Threatened abortion or postpartum bleeding with blood characteristic. Menses suppressed, with movements in the womb. In pregnant women, very violent movements in the fetus. Lochia copious, dark, stringy.

27 - () Cough dry, exhausting, violent, worse lying down, putting his hand on the epigastrium. Coughing up blood hemoptysis dark and stringy. Heaviness and tightness in the chest, you need to inhale deeply. Stitches deaf in the left thorax. Sensation of something alive jumping in the chest, lspecialmente in the lower right hemithorax. Jerking pain in her left breast, and pulled toward the back by wireless.

28 Palpitations when climbing stairs, with great weakness. Heat up the heart, with anxiety and dyspnea, better yawning. Sensation of chest heaviness or emptiness. Point in the heart, worse on inspiration.

Stiff neck 29 to move, and swelling. Sensation of cold in the back, abruptly, as if you pour cold water. Lumbago.

30 - () pain in the shoulder, feeling of being dislocated, and crackles. Hands and arms asleep, worse at night. Pain in the forearms, worse by motion. Tingling and burning in the tip of the fingers, after walking outdoors. Chilblains on the hands and fingers and toes. Cold as ice, steady hands and feet. Violent snapping in the hip or knee to bend. Weakness in the legs, seated. Fatigue with burning pain and tingling in the soles of the feet while standing. Pain as a blow to the calves.

31 - () yawning. Sleepiness during the day, worse after eating. Cries starts singing or sleeping. Suenos cheerful, pleasant or horrible.

32 - () Chills in the evening, worse in the evening. Internal heat waves, but in the head and face, with pale skin and thirst, or with red face and great anguish.
Sweats in the lower body. Sweats scarce, night, cold and debilitating offensive.

33 itching, burning and tingling of the skin. Scarlet redness of the whole body scarlet spots. Old scars to reopen and ooze. Painful suppurative battered parts. Lipomas in the scalp. Chilblains.

SUPPLEMENTARY Crocus sativus:
Nux Vornica - Pulsatilla - Sulfur.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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