Crotalus cascavella. Homeopathy

CROTALUS Cascavelle
(Venom of a Brazilian variety of Rattlesnake)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CROTALUS Cascavelle
1 - () Thoughts of death, especially when alone. Fear at night indefinable things. Sadness, indifference. Anxiety and restlessness.
2 - () hears a strange voice behind her, and follows it, or thinks he hears moans. He groans involuntarily. He believes that his eyes out. Delirium. Want to get behind closed doors, and scratches.
3 - () Clairvoyance. Low memory for spelling.
4 State magenetico: can not hear, and sees the specter of death as a gigantic black skeleton. Try to jump out the window.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CROTALUS Cascavelle
5 - () Worse: at night, by touch, by tight clothing, after sleeping.
6 - () Lack of vital heat.
7 - () Right side.
8 - () sensation of pressure as armor or iron helmet (head, thorax).
9 Common lancinating or stabbing pains, worse from washing with cold water. Bone pain,
10 Fainting better outdoors. Epilepsy.
Desire and aversion of Crotalus Cascavelle
11 Major desire to eat snow.
12 - () Feel Grays iron helmet squeezes her head. Sensation of something alive walking in circles inside the head. Shock that wakes with headache, epistaxis, and great excitement. Feeling of having stuck in a red hot iron crown. Heat in the vertex. Lancinating pains in the right temple.
13 Go a light blue or is cloudy. Sensation of drawing the left eye towards the temple. Sensacion cutting around the eye, as if pulled him with a penknife. Tearing.
Deafness 14. Ringing in the ears going down the stairs.
15 - () Sale serum bloody nose. Epistaxis-vivo red blood.
Feel the tip of the nose and pulled by a wire to the center of the forehead. You smell like a hospital or a snake. Ulcers inside the nose.
16 - () Red face, sallow or yellowish, sickly. Crawling on her face. Move your lips with difficulty.
17 - () Language scarlet decommissioned, glossitis. Itching of the tongue to the stomach pain going, burning and tingling in the tip. Saliva thick, dark, bloody. Taste salty onions; putrid. Speaks haltingly, thick, by heaviness of the tongue.
18 - () Sense of dust or a foreign body in throat;
constriction, tingling and burning. Difictiltad swallow with liquids and solids, or can not. Constricting pain in the thyroid, as if a thread tied around the neck. Feeling of constriction in the goiter. Widespread pain in the esophagus to the stomach. Spasm of esophagus. Plenittid sensation in the carotid arteries and jugular. Diphtheria.
19 - () Cold sensation in stomach after eating. Sense of an opening in the stomach, through which air passes. Every morsel falls sharply in the stomach, like a stone, even in the back. Epigastrium sensitive, does not tolerate tight clothing. Violent blow on the epigastrium.
20 - () Sense of a pin stuck in the liver. Feeling of constriction in the hypochondria, the band around the stomach. Weight in the diaphragm and hypogastric. No bear clothing in the womb.
21 - () anal prolapse. Rectal urgency and tenesmus, followed by a discharge like egg white. Obstinate constipation. Yellow diarrhea. Bloody stools, mucous membranes.
22 Violent lancinating, stabbing, in the uterus and anus, when washed with cold water. Metrorrhagia intermittent.
Polyuria 23. Nocturnal emissions.
24 - () Dry cough at night, laryngeal tickling. Green expectoration morning. Suffocation in fear of another attack. Sensation of chest tightness by iron armor. Sensation of water in the chest, with efforts to deport her, as if the heart was submerged in water, with fainting. Pain and swelling of the left clavicle. Stitches in the left chest on inspiration.
25 Feeling that the heart beats up and down. Palpitations if someone is standing on your right.
26 - () saerolumbar pain. Trembling and weakness in limbs. Stabbing pain in right armpit, which stops the inspiration, pain in his right shoulder. Cramps, numbness and swelling in the arms. Right hemiplegia. Pain in the palms. Sensation of shortness in the entire right leg, though illusory, makes him limp. Feet icy cold. Hands numb. Pain in the limbs, worse from drinking.
27 - () Drowsiness. Sounds with corpses and ghosts horrible dreams.
28 - () Hot widespread. Septic fevers. Scarlet fever.
29 - () Red. Eruption of red granite. Tingling, itching. Jaundice.
Erysipelas and swelling; gangrenous. Anthrax purple, burning with vesiculitas around.