Crotalus horridus. Homeopathy

Crotalus horridus
(Crotalo Horrible - Rattlesnake)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Crotalus horridus

1 - () Loquacious delirium, desire to escape from the bed, with shouting during seizures, with headache, with open eyes with drowsiness. Muttering delirium of typhoid or yellow fever stupor. Delusions in septic states, feverish. Delirium worse at night. Delirium tremens with sleeplessness and insomnia and red face, bloated. Dipsomania.

2 - () Sadness, think continually about death. Melancholia, with shyness,
fear and anguish, cries easily, but when reading. Very indifferent. Regardless,
especially inthe epilepsy.

3 Hallucinations: imagine being surrounded by enemies and horrible animals;
wakes up at night struggling with imaginary enemies, takes a dislike to certain members of your family.

4 - () Poor memory, obtuse, not be expressed correctly in the calculations are wrong and accounts, in the words and to write letters; errors in old age to write. Forget faces, names and places, to go into business, forget what I go to buy. Da disjointed responses; inconsistent.

5 Agrio, biting, harsh, irritable, suspicious, impatient. Starts sleeping.

GENERAL OR pathogenesis SINTOMS Crotalus horridus
6 - () The tendency to bleeding from any body opening, and even the pores of the skin, yet are bloody sweats. Blood flows from the eyes, ears, nose, gums, stomach, intestines, urethra, uterus,
lungs, etc.. The characteristic of these hemorrhages is that the blood does not clot. As if it could retain vessels blood; passive hemorrhages.
Blood is usually liquid, dark or black, putrid. Hemorrhagic Purpura. The blood suddenly appears in all orifices, skin and under the nails. Ecchymosis.

7 - () Indicated constitutions very lifeless, weakened,
adynamic, piemicas, hemorrhagic fever diseases or zimoticas,
septicaemic toxemic, piemicas, hemorrhagic, yellow fever, malaria,
xiphoid, diphtheria, chronic alcoholism. Collapse. Sudden and profound prostration of the vital forces, with great weakness trembling. Exhaustion
less exercise, muscles do not obey. Apoplexy in alcohol or hemorrhagic or very broken constitutions. Nutritional disorders of old age.

8 - () Worse, during sleep, to sleep and on waking in the spring by tight clothing, heat, lying side; by alcohol, by shaking; the open air of morning and evening ; by wet weather, for movement and effort. Better: rest.

9 - () Right side of symptoms. Recurrence.

10 - () Disorders and bad effects of vaccination, insect bites or injured by dissection.

11 - () High sensitivity of the right half of the body, so that the
slightest touch causes muscle contractions that side. Epilepsy.
Seizures. Fainting.

12 - () edema throughout the body.

13 Fetidity of discharges and discharges.

14 Dolores long that suddenly appear and disappear.

Desire and aversion of Crotalus horridus
15 Desire for alcoholic drinks, stimulants, sugar.

16 - () Vertigo with trembling, weakness, faintness, worse when standing up. Headache over eyes in the morning on waking, with pressure on the eyes, nausea and vomiting, severe pain in the middle of the forehead. Headache with nausea and bilious vomiting. Pressure and heaviness in the crown from 6 am until dusk;
and pain over his right eye. Migraine with vertigo, heat in vertex and sweating. Throbbing and heat on the left side of the head, with nausea and bilious vomiting, premenstrual, and dark urine. Headache worse at night and least motion, must walk on tiptoe to avoid jolting.
Occipital headache, worse on the right, with fainting, tremors and hunger. You can not move his head on the pillow because it feels too heavy, you should do with your hands. Cerebrospinal meningitis. Violent itching of the scalp eruptions, pustules. Hair loss.

17 - () Yellow eyes. The eyes ooze blood, burning, red, watery eyes. Tearing, cutting in the eyes, worse morning and evening, with photophobia worse by artificial light ciliary neuralgia.
Subconjunctival or retinal hemorrhages. Sensation of pressure in the eye from front to back, as if to get out. Having tired and sore by sewing or by visual abuse penalties. Floaters. They stick the eyelids. Blurred vision when reading. Go blue or yellow objects. Clarifies vision after keratitis or queratoiritis.

18 - () Fullness in ears, worse on the right, with sensation of hot wax dripping. Blood coming out of the ears. Labyrinthine vertigo. Deafness.
Otorrhea abundant, acrid, bloody, putrid. Sense of left ear plugged.

19 Epistaxis liquid blood, dark, that does not clot, with red face, dizziness or fainting. Ozena after rash or syphilis. Tip of nose red or cyanotic, swollen, cold.

20 - () Acne. Puffy face, sallow, yellowish, leaden, sickly red.
Chronic or periodic facial neuralgia. Facial Erysipelas repetition. Heats in the face. Cyanosis facial varicose veins in the nose and lips in the cough. Parotid and submandibular swollen, mumps. Lips swollen, asleep. Trismus. Papular rash red, itchy, but in the chin with delayed menses.

21 Grinding of teeth sleeping. Feel the tongue and throat as tied, unable to speak. Tongue very red, smooth, swollen, painful, itching, yellow, rigid and asleep; glossitis. Coated tongue with red tip, or yellowish brown, dry in the middle, very swollen. The language comes from the mouth and is deflected to the right. Syphilis of the tongue cancer with bleeding. Breath fetid, musty. Boca putrid. Drooling on the pillow at night, bloody, frothy. Gums white, red edges, swollen, painful. Lack of taste.

22 - () tight constricted feeling in the throat. Spasm of esophagus.
Sensation as if I had a lump in throat, as if the uvula were swollen and hard, dry plate or tingling, but the left side worse
awakening. Can not swallow solids. Throat with malignant diphtheria, scarlet fever or gangrene, swelling, lymphadenopathy and head back, with vomiting or diarrhea, swollen and red very dark, very difficult and painful swallowing.
Tonsils with constriction, pain worse on the left.

23 - () No appetite, extreme thirst, burning. Belching acid, rancid. Nausea to move with postmenstrual bilious vomiting, with anxiety and weak pulse.
Copious vomiting dark green just lying on the right side or back, worse from slightest movement. Black vomit or coffee grounds.
Aqueous black vomit of yellow fever. Frequent feeling of faintness
or hunger in the epigastrium, but at menopause, with tremors, weakness and extreme heat waves. Can not bear tight clothing in the epigastrium or hypochondria. Gastralgias with restlessness and intense cold, cramps after eating. Pylorus contracted. Hematemesis, ulceration, blood does not clot.
Stomach cancer. Gastritis in alcoholics.

24 - () Liver large, painful, with jaundice and fatigue. Stitches in the
liver to breathe deeply, worse pressure. Pain in the liver, with cold and vomitting. Hepatic congestion from heart disease. Malignant jaundice typical bleeding. Pain in the left side of the belly, behind the last ribs. Acute liver atrophy. Warmth and tenderness in the belly, not bear clothing. Pain in the course of the colon. Inguinal buboes.
Appendicitis with paroxysmal pain, sensitivity to touch and contracture of this area, needs the right leg flexed, can not stretch it. Peritonitis with subnormal temperature and bleeding.

25 - () Stool black liquid as coffee grounds, offensive, white, dark green with weakness, watery yellow with punctures in the abdomen.
viarrea by toxins in the food or drink during the summer, for abuse, in typhoid,
cholera, yellow fever, septicemia. Dysentery: septic, water or food in poor condition. Mane of dark liquid blood, incoagulable, with great weakness. Vomiting, diarrhea and urination simultaneously by spasmodic contractions. Constipation with headache. Hemorrhoids that bleed black blood, easily, to clean, to work a little at stool, standing, walking, in pregnancy, menstrual irregularities, in drunk, in cardiac or liver disease. Colera with collapse, great coldness, cyanosis, diarrhea and vomiting, anuria.

26 - () the removal or retention of urine painful. Urine scanty, dark red with blood, hematuria, dark or black jelly-like, yellow-green bile copious and clear. Nephritis with albuminuria, casts and blood toxemic or pregnancy. Bladder or prostate cancer. She wets vomiting.

27 Increased sexual desire with relaxed penis. Cutting pain in the glans. Varicocele.

28 - () Delayed menstruation, sometimes every 6 to 8 weeks, slim, dark;
painful to begin. Vicarious menstruation. Premenstrual pains.
Menopause with waves of intense heat and copious sweating, dizziness, ringing in the head, palpitations, stomach languid, weak constitutions. Prolonged metrorrhagia with dark liquid blood, offensive, with anemia. Uterine cancer. Abortion in diseases tanks. Puerperal fever or seizures, with albuminuria, stupor, cyanosis, in very battered constitutions. Very fetid lochia, decomposed, with wrongs. Swollen breasts in the postpartum period. Alba dolens Flegmasia worse by the slightest touch.

29 - () Hoarse voice weak and rough. Acute laryngitis, glottic edema.
Afonia acute catarrhal by insect bites, burns, scarlet fever,
irritating fumes, worse by cold or pressure. Necrosis of the laryngeal cartilages. Bronchiectasis with abundant expectoration and putrid. Dyspnea, especially in heart diseases with cyanosis, cold sweats and prostration. Asthma. Cough with stitches in his left thorax and hemoptysis. Dry cough, nervous for laryngeal tickling, with choking, as irritating fumes, salt or pepper, for dry plate on the left side of the larynx, worse when speaking, cold or dry air, waking or pressure. Pertussis with pallor or cyanosis, bloated face, with hemorrhagic spots on the face and eyes, epistaxis, and hemoptysis of dark blood and fluid. Tuberculosis. Pulmonary edema. Pneumonia.
Pulmonary gangrene. Breathing anxious, laborious. As speckled or mottled spots on the chest.

30 - () chest pain that crosses the chest to the left shoulder blade, down the left arm, worse on deep inspiration or climbing stairs.
Angina pectoris, with pain in his left hand outstretched. Almost imperceptible pulse, weak, very slow. Tender heart, worse lying on left side. Palpitations with chest pain, worse at menses, with feeling that the heart falls. Sensation of trembling in the heart.
Pernicious anemia. Leukemia. Venous congestion. Weak heart.
nlebitis. Varices. Lymphangitis.

31 In the back, anthrax, pustules, pressure ulcers. Right kidney pain. Myelitis.

32 - () rheumatic and neuralgic pains in the limbs, joint and bone pains. Big boil on his right arm. Right middle finger hard, swollen, tense, bluish gray, rigid, with lymphangitis and axillary abscess.
Vesicles and pustules on the wrists. Tremor, itching, to sleep, worse on the left, from the slightest exertion or sewing. Hands and fingers cold and cyanotic. Violent pain in the left palm as from a bee sting. Sale of blood under the nails. Chilblains threatening gangrene, chronic. Gangrene of shoulder and thigh. Hand skin parchment. Palmar psoriasis. Itching and heat in the palms. Jerking, tremors and cramps in the legs. Left or right hemiplegia. The legs fall asleep when crossing or sitting. Cramps in the calves, heels and toes. Subito Drawing from the left hip to the foot. Paralysis of the extensors of the left foot after a typhoid.
Purple spots or bruises on the legs. Contractures of the flexors.
Blennorrhagica Rheumatism.

33 Yawning, sleepiness. Drowsiness, with inability to sleep. It sounds to travel, fights, deaths. Chronic insomnia.

34 - () Surface area of the cold, especially in the extremities. Flushes. Sweat: Cold, Colored (underarm) sanguilentos.
Malignant scarlatina. Intermittent fevers, bilious, in warm climates.
Low fever. Measles. According to some authors, is specific for yellow fever, as well as in prophylaxis. With purpura or hemorrhagic fevers or septic, septic foci, even in the gums, abscesses, paronychia.

35 - () Jaundice widespread over haematic that hepatic origin. Itching with punctures. Urticaria. Dry, parched, cold. Petechiae, ecchymosis.
Pemphigus. Gangrene. Vesicles. Burns. Anthrax and carbuncle of blue and black blood oozing. Hemorrhagic Purpura. Abscesses. Herpes. Boil with a small black dot surrounded by widespread edema. Insect bites or vaccinations when they erysipelatous or gangrenous. Old scars or ulcers that re-opened. Obstinate ulcers, malignant. Erysipelas phlegmonous or flictenulares.

COMPLEMENTARY Crotalus horridus:

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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