Croton Tiglium. Homeopathy

Croton tiglium
(Croton Seed Oil)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Croton tiglium
1 - () Aversion to work, sadly, avoid new things.
2 bottles Unhappy, dissatisfied, angry. Anxious, as if about to suffer a misfortune.
3 Can not think of anything to the outside, feels as if bound. Low memory.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Croton tiglium
4 - () Alternation of skin disorders and internal eruptions when they disappear, appear and vice versa.
5 - () Feelings different: as if you sprayed water on their internal organs, as if bound, as if a string pulled back with pain from one part to another body (the eye to the nape of the nipple to back, navel); of numbness throughout the body, as if torn or cut into pieces.
6 - () Worse: motion; by touch, by pressure, sitting;
lying, squatting and leaning forward, and at night, to
open air in summer by the lower ingestion of food or liquids, fruit or candy, for scratching, for washing. Symptoms spread from the bottom up.
Best: after sleep if held right, by rubbing gently.
7 Great weakness with weight loss. Visits of weakness or fainting with heat waves. Generalized tremors.
Desire and aversion of Croton tiglium
8 Aversion to beer and milk.
SPECIFIC Croton tiglium
9 Dizziness worse outdoors, almost can not sit, with bewilderment and confusion. Head sensitive to the pressure of the hat, gives headache. Pressing headache front. Heat and heaviness in the head. Headache worse tomorrow. Put your head on the pillow, sunken soft spot, children with toxicosis. Crust lactea. Sweats front.
10 - () Opacity of the cornea. Pustular keratitis. Pustular conjunctivitis,
with ulceration, burning and heat, worse at night, with profuse watery,
photophobia, conjunctival redness and marked miosis. Corneal ulcers.
Iritis and blepharitis with pustules on the face. Sensation of a thread that pulls the eye painfully back at the nape. Puncture and hurt the eyes to rotate, tensive pain on his right eye. Eyelids swollen, edematous, biting, with shaking. Hypopyon. Vision cloudy.
ll earache in the left ear. Otorrhea with itching. Deafness. Noises in the ears.
12 Burning in the nostrils. Scaly eruption in the septum, obstructing the nose. Irritation, dryness and nasal obstruction.
13 - () Sensation as if insects were crawling over her face. Face cold and pale, or red and swollen with vesicles. Lips dry, burning. Eczema of the face.
14 The gums bleed when you brush. Burning sensation in the mouth, with burning. Painful swelling of submaxillary glands and tonsils. Sialorrhea that sometimes escapes from the mouth. Tongue white, with the sensitive tip. Almond taste bitter; acid; sweet.
15 - () irritation in the throat, uvula red, swollen and elongated. Hawking.
Feeling of constriction in the throat, or foreign body that can not swallow. Burning in the throat and esophagus, as pepper, and sleep better at inspiration, the worse the out breath.
e 16 Be consistent. Excessive nausea, worse after drinking, with diarrhea.
Vomiting immediately drink, violent food; yellowish-white, mucous, bitter, oily acid; bilious. Pressure in pit; touch. Empty stomach or languor; burning.
17 - () disagreeable sensation of emptiness and hunger, with rumbling in the belly.
Extreme cold in the abdomen distension. Colicos in the transverse colon before each deposition. Pain around the navel, as if you pinch or grasp. Stomach pains or extended down to the anus. Sounds as if batiera water in the intestines, as if they were full of water, like a gurgling before a bowel movement, but the left side. Belly pain when coughing. Cramps in the stomach, better from hot milk. Bearing down pains in the stomach as if everything was relaxed. Pressing the navel with the hand, pain throughout the colon to the rectum with prolapse. Violent spasmodic pain, worse on his haunches.
Cutting across the transverse colon after bowel movements; around navel, worse after eating, followed by diarrhea. Lancinating pains in the spleen. Rumbling, flatulence, worse after stool and walking.
18 - () The action is predominant Tiglium Croton on the intestines and its evacuation, and is manifested by a sudden diarrhea with feces expelled with force, in a single stream, like a shot, with much flatus, followed by great prostration, and that is produced or aggravated by eating, drinking, for any move, worse in summer fruit and sweets, to take the chest for better coffee, this is diarrhea with colic before stool, constant and sudden urgency and stool predominantly green, yellow, yellow-green, watery, fetid, frequent, undigested. The stools are like a faucet. Diarrhea with tenesmus, intense nausea, sometimes vomiting, weakness and hypersalivation. Toxicosis or infantile diarrhea in children with excessive nausea and yellow or green stools; seems like every deposition would "dry up" the child. Burning and itching in anus, painful, tired out if a tampon. Taeniasis and tapeworm.
19 Burning or heat into the urethra and glans when urinating. Stabbing pain right kidney, which took her breath away. Yellow urine copious, turbid, dark with fat globules, sometimes brown crystals; frothy morning, with white sediment or mucus, bloody.
20 - () Frequent corrosive itching on the glans penis and scrotum, worse walking.
Vesicular eruption on the penis and scrotum. Eczema of the scrotum with excessive itching, worse at night. Wrinkled scrotum severe itching, better from scratching, which produces voluptuous sensations. Twitching in left spermatic cord, which prevent walking. Retracted testicle left, right and hanging limp. Painful glans penis with red. Red scrotum.
Erections. Nocturnal emissions.
21 - () Menses scanty or suppressed, with dyspnea and palpitation when lying down. Intense vulvar itching, better from gentle scraping. Breasts swollen, inflamed, hard, with very sensitive nipples (even the touch of clothing) with severe pain shooting, as by a thread, going to the blade of the OCTA, when the baby mama.
22 - () Afonia full by drinking cold water when overheated, with hoarseness.
Feel like you can not expand the lungs and chest feels tight, can not breathe. Asthma with cough and chest pain twitching from left to back. Feeling of suffocation that makes it jump out of bed and sleep in a chair with a stubborn cough, worse at night in bed, is sitting in bed, because the cough is just lays her head on the pillow, with mucous expectoration in bronchi, hard drive, worse tomorrow, with wheezing when breathing deeply. The chest hurts when touched. Fullness on both sides of the chest, with burning stitches to the left and both shoulder blades. Sensation of emptiness in the chest as if everything hangs.
23 Palpitations sometimes violent, worse during intercourse and after eating, with dyspnea when climbing stairs. Lancinating pains and stitches prccordiales, worse when breathing. Pulse frequent and full.
24 points in the kidney region, but to the right, his breath.
25 - () Pain in the shoulders, left arm, and swelling and difficulty moving, with great heaviness, worse at night (brachial neuralgia). Dolores:
elbow and left forearm, right hand and fingers on the left.
Left hip pain, worse when sitting upright. Lancinating,
itching and heaviness in various sectors of the lower limbs. Pain in the soles of the feet extending the big toe, worse evening and by touch.
Frequent yawning 26. Sleepiness at noon and then, but can not sleep. Sleep disturbed by anxious dreams, with restlessness in bed by palpitations or headache.
27 - () Chills back, very cold in the spine and around the
body, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Cold feet to the calves. Waves of heat rise. Fever with rashes.
28 - () eruptions with intense itching followed by burning pain, the patient can not scratch very hard because the skin is very sensitive, but maybe a soft mnuy scratching. The eruptions are vesico pustules that secrete a burning yellow liquid and then dried into scabs, mainly located in the genitals, face and scalp. Redness with confluent vesicles, secreting, itching, burning and itching. Vesicular erysipelas with intense itching. Generalized eczema itch violently.
Very painful shingles. Urticaria in the womb.
COMPLEMENTARY Croton tiglium:

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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