Cubeba. Homeopathy

(Cubeba Officinalis)
1 - Eat agitated, which leaves for a moment, says something incoherent and falls back into a coma.
2 - mental exaltation, or weakness and memory loss. Restlessness and anxiety, can not be in bed weakness.
3 - () Disorders of the mucous membranes, especially digestive, urinary and respiratory tracts, with burning or stinging sensation.
Desire and aversion CUBEB
4 - () I want to oranges sour fruits, delicacies, alcoholic beverages, brandy, fresh bread, onions, almonds, walnuts.
5 deep pressing headache with drowsiness.
6 Eyes rotated upward injected with punctate miosis. Rheumatic ophthalmia or blennorrhagic.
7 Cara red and swollen, or alternating with paleness; flushes. Dilated blood vessels in the forehead and temples. Lip swollen, dry and shiny. He twists his mouth to the side whenever he tries to talk or smile.
8 cloves covered with brown sordes. Thrush in the mouth and gums.
Thick frothy saliva. Tongue moist and very white. Feel dry mouth,
although saliva has an oily, with thirst.
9 consistently need to swallow to relieve dry and burning throat. Runny nose throat, foul smelling.
10 - () Intense thirst and appetite. Nausea and vomiting. Gastralgias burning heat in the epigastrium. Chronic dyspepsia with heartburn. Belching acids.
11 - () Burning in stomach, distended and tender. Colicos. Femoral hernia with weight, pressure and pain in that area, the worse after walking, traveling, lifting, and before and during menstruation.
12 - () Diarrhea with noise and cutting in the abdomen and rectal burning;
anal itching and burning. Stools: blackish, yellowish, bilious, mucous yellowish particles mixed with gleaming white as rice;
mucosanguinolentas; involuntary worse at night in bed, better getting out of bed and moving. Dysentery, diarrhea, worse from eating or drinking, with suffering expression.
13 - () Chronic cystitis. Bedwetting. Cutting pains in the bladder and urethra after urination. Urethritis in women, but in married women with bladder fullness, burning in the urethra during urination and urgency, as if there were urine after urination. Urine albuminous, bloody, frothy odor of violets.
14 - () Urethral discharge dark red or greenish yellow, thick, with frequent obstruction; gonorrhea. Gonorrhea acute and chronic mucous or purulent secretion profuse thick yellow or green, glutinous, which hardens the clothes, with burning pain on urination and urinary frequency. Urethritis.
15 - () Urethro vaginitis severe and prolonged acute pain and heavy flow.
Profuse flow, yellow, green, very acrid and offensive, with erythema of the inner thighs, vulvar itching and intense sexual desire. Advanced Menstraciones flow, or flow followed. Flow acre in girls.
to 16 slow, short of breath, or fast and loud. Sensation of fullness in the chest and suffocation. Laryngeal diphtheria, hissing voice. Cough incessant barking or croupy, worse at night, outdoors and the
heat. Dyspnea with rales tions. Pulmonary tuberculosis.
17 Heat in palms and soles. They sleep fingers and toes.
18 Waves of heat to the face, palms and soles. Cold sweat on the chest and back.
19 Red rash all over his body. Skin hot and humid. Papulas. Intense itching. Urticaria.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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