Culex musca. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Culex Musca
1 - () impatient, quarrelsome, especially when he is interrupted in his incessant occupation of scratching to relieve the itching or when walking to relieve their anxiety.
2 Anxiety with fear of death. He feels like he'd been poisoned.
3 Indolence and poor memory.
4 - () Burning like fire, and itching everywhere rubs and scratches anywhere in an eruption appears on these features, and
scratching while doing it better, but worse later.
5 - () sticky secretions and excretions.
6 - () Sharp, sharp, like needles, worse slightest pressure, better from hard pressure.
7 - () Worse, in a warm room. Better: open air, walking or moving.
Right side 8.
SPECIAL Culex Musca
9 - () frontal headache on waking early, with hot face, extending to the outer edge of the right orbit and the occiput, with nausea, worse
aovimiento and followed by intense vertigo, worse on blowing.
Fullness in 10 eyes extended to the parotid and right side of face and head. Edges of eyelids with crusting and thick liquid secretion. Eye pain, worse open.
Earache 11 with acute watery sticky.
12 - () a watery nasal discharge with bloody scabs, mixed with abundant greenish secretion, itching in and out of the nose, and tickling, rubs and scratches, and the more he does, but burns. Pain crusted nares to remove them bleed green. Epistaxis on blowing.
Erysipelas of the nose and face.
13 Pain in the right malar, which goes to the left. Red spots on the face, burning as if someone had rubbed pepper. Glands swollen and painful.
14 - () is constantly wet lips. Sticky saliva. Bad taste on waking. Tongue white, dry, swollen asleep. Sialorrhea: wets the pillow at night and day continuously swallows. Painful blisters on the edges of the tongue.
15 hawking morning of thick mucus stringy, bloody dark green or dark crusts. Burning and dryness of the throat, painful swallowing.
16 - () Appetite exaggerated, you should eat right away or faint, worse tomorrow.
Nausea by thinking about food, with arcades. Belching foul. Thirst for cold water, which gives you heartburn and diarrhea of dark and fetid stools, with tenesmus.
17 spots with itching and burning in his belly. Cramps, rumbling. Colicos at 10 hours.
18 - () hard stools in the first part, then soft. Sale stool blood at the end, by great efforts. Anal itching and burning. Ano raw.
19 Burning of the glans, smegma odor. Itching of the scrotum in circumscribed plaques, which burn, itch, worse by rubbing or scratching.
20 vulvar itching and burning, they tear everything. Frequent and painful menses, heavy and dark with blood.
21 - () Hoarseness morning. Sighing respiration, with constant desire to sigh deeply. Cough with or cyanotic face red, watery eyes, protruding eyes and burning in chest, worse morning, wanting to vomit, followed by faintness and sweating. Constant desire to cough and sneeze. Sensation of fullness and tenderness in the right lung, worse when bending or leaning forward, with rubber band sensation around the lungs.
Sudden sharp pain running up and down. Pains that go from right to left lung. Pain in right pectoral muscle.
22 - () Hands and fingers warm and ardent, and frozen. Hot and itchy palms, the backs of the hands is cold and asleep. Humid eruptions, with burning after scratching and tearing the skin desires. Lower limbs heavy with concern that in open air. Leg pain, without being any better position. Constant movement of feet and hands.
23 Sleep restless, takes many turns. Should get up early tomorrow to move and get relief ara. It sounds the death and fights.
24 Waves of heat followed by hot sweats, foul and sticky.
25 - () His skin is tormented with terrible itching, burning and heat, and wants to tear to pieces, while scratches better, but worse later.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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