Cuprum aceticum. Homeopathy

(Copper Acetate)
1 - () Fear of dying. Fear that someone to approach, or backs away.
The child is afraid to fall, hair clings to the caregiver. Fear of being hit or hurt, do not want to be in bed. Fear that ignite blankets or house fire.
2 - () Hallucinations of all kinds of shapes and gestures, grimaces, especially when
evening when lying down and sometimes by day, and hear. Go persons connected with the law, they're going to achieve, causing great anxiety and making it like a child mourn. Go in the room thieves, ghosts and other immaterial objects. Fixed ideas. Delirium, sometimes loquacious, talks all the time, or want to go home (even being in it) or wants to leave, and then want to return.
3 - () wakes up suddenly in bed spins, jumps unexpectedly from her, run around the room desperately crying, screaming and protesting, and wants to escape. Think and is confident that by dying and wants to see a priest.
4 - () Attacks of great anxiety and restlessness, can not control, shouting desperately.
5 - () Absent, with tendency to start. If you speak or ask aloud, it departs from its fantasies, but you have to think a long time before he could reply. Memory low. Decreased brain function.
6 - () The child bites the spoon or cup to drink (in encephalitis).
7 - () As all derived from copper, Cuprum Aceticum convulsing
worse in limbs or fingers and toes, with stiff member and body, eyes up, lockjaw and foam mouth, face distorted and cold and loss of consciousness, cyanosis of lips;
preceded by violent vomiting mucus. Seizures outbreak before the eruption (in a rash illness) or if the rash disappears abruptly.
Epilepsy, when the aura starts on her knees and goes up to the hypogastric, losing consciousness at that moment, with fall, convulsions and foaming mouth. Korea periodically, worse after a fright or by motion, better lying down.
8 - () The effects of suppression or sudden disappearance of the eruption in acute exanthems (measles, scarlet fever).
9 - () Worst: by touch, by emotions, for long-term studies, for the
movement. Better: by pressure, chewing, and at night, for warmth;
lying on the affected side.
10 - () Vertigo persistent, with stupor, better bowel movement. Ooms staggers in * high ceiling. Violent headaches, paroxysmal, worse slightest pressure, with thirst and cramps. Encephalitis with prostration. Cerebrospinal meningitis. Brain feels empty.
Stare 11. Double Vision and turbid after traveling by train. Rectus paralysis.
Epistaxis 12.
13 - () Trisirno. Facial neuralgia worse tomorrow, by motion, mental strain and emotions better by chewing, by external pressure and shelter the area, with cold in the head. Expression of great distress.
Distorted face, cyanotic, bloated and pale.
14 Tonsillitis, suppuration and promotes rapid healing. Constantly out and retracts the tongue. Coppery taste. Tongue yellow.
15 - () Regurgitation warmly copper. Constant tendency to vomit, sometimes without success, with unpleasant sensation of constriction in the esophagus and thorax. Very frequent vomiting after drinking or eating a snack. Violent vomiting, green, yellow, green, white, sparkling, sometimes accompanied by copious green diarrhea and cramps. Every 10 days, attacks of vomiting lasting 2 days, preceded by frontal headache on waking in the morning; of foamy saliva; worse by the slightest movement. Vomiting by uremia.
Violent spasmodic pain as pinching, cramping and colic in the
stomach and abdomen.
16 Abdomen retracted, or hard and painful to touch. Stomach distended with copious stools. Violent cramps with vomiting and diarrhea.
17 - () Diarrhea with tenesmus and weakness in summer in children with brain disorders. Black stools, copious, bloody, or rice water.
Colera. Intestinal Parasites.
18 Suppression of urine. Dark urine, red, yellow sediment, with thirst and general malaise.
Menses copious 19.
20 - () Shortness of breath, short breath and anxious, weeping; suffocation.
Spasmodic contraction of the chest, breathing very difficult. Violent cough, frequent and dry, with headaches, palpitations and anxiety is 23 to 1 hours. Pertussis in obstinate cases with cough very jerky, red face, lip and wheezing cyanosis after coughing and crying.
21 - () Angina pectoris; attacks listed by excitement or stress.
22 - () The left hand falls asleep. Cramps in the lower limbs,
especially in the calves, in the legs in the elderly. Twitching in his left foot on walking with hypoesthesia and numbness, he has great difficulty walking and standing. Periodic contractions, spasmodic, painful fingers and toes, fingers are almost no longer extended. Cramps,
convulsive movements and cold in the extremities. Violent pulls and tension in the limbs, with frequent chills.
Just 23 sleeps, talks, protests, screams and spins.
24 - () Measles with bronchitis. Spotted fever, with clonic spasms.
Scarlet fever. Varicella. Smallpox.
V 25 Cyanosis of the skin. Purpura. Erysipelas. Leprosy plates without itching all over. Psoriasis. Skin cold and inelastic.
Calcarea Carbonica.