Cuprum arsenicosum. Homeopathy

Cuprum arsenicosum
(Copper arsenite)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cuprum arsenicosum
1 - () uremic convulsions. Uremia of renal failure. Epilepsy.
Korea. Seizures preceded by gastrointestinal symptoms.
2 - () Great prostration with concern. Trembling all over, worse on
walking, uncontrollable.
3 - () Hot ice around the body, cramps, hiccups stubborn (in the
anger). Collapse.
4 Worse after eating and drinking during diarrhea; in motion. Better:
by strong pressure and at rest.
SPECIFIC Cuprum arsenicosum

5 Vertigo, confusion and headache in temples, worse on the left. The
brain seems to expand and press against the front. Head sore to
awakening in the morning.
6 Go dark spots or sparks. Vision dim with tears.
7 Otalgia right.
8 irritation of the nasal mucosa with fluid secretion. Nasal bones aching, worse pressure.
9 Face pale; anxious, depressed, edematous, with suffering expression.
Violent shaking of the left side of the face, between the eye and the angle of the mouth. Aching bones. Cyanotic lips.
Toothache 10. Gums sore. Tongue very dry, white, brown
white, trembling, cold. Bad breath. Bitter or metallic taste. Burning around the esophagus.
11 - () Intense thirst. No appetite. Belching. Persistent nausea, violent vomiting, watery, greenish, worse from eating or drinking and after study.
Epigastrium very sensitive to the slightest touch. Pain in epigastrium and right hypochondrium, with vomiting. Gastralgias violent, cutting, eating;
cramps. Heartburn. Persistent hiccups. Gastrointestinal disorders of the flu and typhoid.
12 - () strong stomach pains, burning or cramping; Colicos violent pains espasmnodicos with alarm, shouting and finger cramps. Cramps in the hypogastric with rectal and bladder urgency and frequency. Painful attacks every 15 or 20 days. He presses his belly with his hands.
13 - () Diarrhea and vomiting with cramps and collapse. Rectal tenesmus, mucous discharge constant and often involuntary. Summer diarrhea with feces adherent and stomach cramps. Dark and liquid stools. Asiatic cholera, with cramps in feet and hands. Rice water stools.
h4 dark reddish urine. Burning during and after urination. Strong-smelling urine or onion or garlic. Renal failure with uremia. Nephritis in pregnancy with albuminuria.
15 - () white or purulent urethral discharge, pain in the penis and burning in the prostate and urethra. Scrotum always wet by sweat, with small abscesses.
16 - () pain in the left ovary. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, sometimes with diarrhea, with spasmodic uterine pain and weakness.
17 - () Talk with difficulty. Oppression, weight and constriction in the chest, with dyspnoea. Pains in the left thorax, between the sixth and seventh rib,
worse when breathing deeply, with numbness and weakness in the whole area and left shoulder and arm. Feel the boy left thorax. Asthma. Emphysema.
18 - () irregularity of heart rate, weak or violent, in paroxysms.
Angina pectoris. Palpitations visible, with trembling limbs. Weak pulse and tachycardia. Purulent endocarditis.
19 back pain and stiffness, but in the lumbar region, worse
movement, returns after sitting a while. Pain under lower left shoulder blade angle, worse breathe or move. Pain in the neck nodes, with stiffness, worse when moving head.
20 - () left arm and leg asleep and helpless. Spasms, and cold in the extremities. Pustules on wrists and ankles. Itching arms and legs.
Pain in the inside of his left arm with numbness in the arm and hand, tingling in your palm and fingers, worse when moving. Move your arms up and down constantly and side to side, with trembling fingers. Cramps in calves and toes, worse after midnight, the better out of bed and standing.
21 Insomnia. Sueno who do not rest.
22 - () Sense of ice cold throughout the body, which is covered with cold sweats, cramps, hiccups with stubborn, pale as death. Cold sweats, viscous and intermittent appearance (in the collapse of cholera).
23 Skin very sensitive to touch your clothing. Intense itching. Vesicular and pustular eruptions, sometimes followed by painful ulcers. Gangrene.
Anthrax. Ulcers and sores. Acne.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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