Curare. Homeopathy

(Poison Arrows South American Indians)
1 - () inability to think or act for themselves, to study, indolent;
forgetful, stupid, sleepy. Indecision.
2 - () Hydrophobia.
3 Depression, wants to be alone, avoids people watching. Despair.
4 Sensation of rush.
5 - () probably because of muscle paralysis action on nerve endings, with preservation of sensation and consciousness, with diminished or abolished reflexes (is your key symptom). Paralysis: painless;
nervous weakness; traumatic for loss of body fluids, by exhausting diseases enpor. Vasomotor nerve paralysis. Pseudohipertrofica paralysis (a case cured with the 200th [Clarke]). Respiratory muscle paralysis. Progressive Tabes. Paralysis diabetes. Hysterical paralysis.
6 - () Epilepsy with loss of consciousness, followed by drowsiness for several hours or mental disturbance. Petit mal. Tetanus. Catalepsy, immobility and staring with awakening.
7 - () very offensive secretions and excretions.
8 - () Weakness and great lack of strength in the elderly, great prostration, with heaviness, numbness and tingling. Lancinating pain.
p 9 Worse: For the movement, climbing, hanging around, by humidity, cold air, cold weather, cold wind, for weather changes; at 2 hours or 2 to 3.
Right side 10.
Desire and aversion of curing
11 Desire for acids. Aversion to bread.
12 - () Dizziness with standing or walking swoon; is tidal
looking at objects in motion or near water or stare. Headache worse by bending or by chewing. Or frontal headache over right eye, extending backward from the right side. With bilious vomiting, pounding headache.
Waves of heat to the head, congestion, throbbing pain and unconsciousness. Head facing backwards, with a stiff neck.
13 - () Sunken eyes, hollow. Eyelids heavy can barely keep my eyes open; ptosis on the right. Photophobia, red eyes, hot; feeling to have them filled with splinters. Go shake objects. Black spots,
worse when reading.
Ringing in the ears 14 of whistles, animals, stamps. Purulent otitis media with otalgia intolerable. Swollen earlobes.
Ozena with 15 pieces of fetid pus. Nasal catarrh. Tuberculosis in the nose.
16 - () facial paralysis. Dazed, anxious. Face pale or red.
Pain in the right side of the face. Cyanosis of lips.
17 - () Tongue and mouth pulled to the right. Red, cracked and bleeding, yellowish. Dry mouth.
18 Paralysis of the throat that prevents swallowing.
19 great hunger and thirst with fever. Great thirst. Frequent hiccups and upset.
Nausea in the morning and after eating. Or greenish bilious vomiting all night, very weak, can not stand. Feeling of emptiness or languor
gastric. Heartburn and distraction, even by eating very little.
20 Pain from the throat to the left hip. Soreness of the bowels. Ingie pains down with heaviness in the limbs. Hypogastric pain with pressure in the vagina.
21 Diarrhea with constant urgency, foul-smelling, watery, soft, with very painful hemorrhoids.
22 - () clear and frequent urination, kidney pains, with great thirst and weight loss, diabetes, acute cases.
23 - () Menses early, with pain in right ovary and bearing down in all pelvic organs, lumbosacral pain, low,
short and very dark. Scirrhus ulcerated cervix with corrosive secretion, great weakness and pain drawing down. Painful sores in the vulva and thighs. Aversion to coition. During menstruation:
headache, Colicos, kidney pains, malaise, sadness. Thick, purulent, offensive.
24 - () Hoarseness, almost aphonia, laryngeal pain with burning and suffocation.
Short and difficult breathing, in tuberculosis and emphysema; worst climbing. Breathing stops barely sleeps. Short, dry cough, with pain in the chest wall; spasmodic shaking her whole body, it causes vomiting and headache with flushed face; worse by laughing and wet weather. Cough worse by breathing cold air, laughing, eating and moving; of tomorrow.
Expectoration gelatinous, white, gray, yellowish, greenish, blackish, bloody. Severe pain, acute, lungs, worse on the left, with chronic cough and dyspnoea, worse by moisture. Chest pain, barely tolerate the pressure of the stethoscope.
25 Anguish, with palpitation and precordial point in the heart.
26 Stiffness in muscles of the shoulders and neck straight. Shoulder pain and through the back, pain and fatigue in the back.
Chills running up the back and entire body.
27 - () paralysis in the limbs, with burning heat and chills.
Paralysis of the right deltoid, extensor at the wrist to play the piano. Pain and numbness in the left arm. Weakness and heaviness in the arms, wrists, hands and fingers, worse on the piano, as after a long illness, the arms fall asleep and feel as if bruised or broken elbows. In the evening, hands and arms swollen, painful and heavy. The legs tremble and give way when walking. Sciatica with high rigidity. Corns. It uncovers the feet in bed (Sulph., Puls.) Worse at dawn.
28 - () Sleepy. Restless sleep, which does not rest. Sounds with fire and things of the day.
29 Chills going up the back, abdomen, without thirst, worse at 2 hours. Fever worse at night and outdoors. Suda for any frog.
Satnguinolentos and cold sweats, worse at night.
30 - () Itching hungry. Cyanosis in the skin, even with a fever. Eczema.
Brown spots, liver. Leprosy. Dirty skin. The blood flows through the skin.