Cystitis. Symptoms

Definition of Cystitis
Cystitis is defined as inflammation of the urinary bladder.

Symptoms of Cystitis
The symptoms of cystitis whatever microbial origin that produces, or causes or acute or chronic changes are as follows:
* Emission frequent urination
* Burning pain local
* Possible pus in urine
* Albuminuria
* Hematuria

Symptoms of Cystitis: Urinary frequency
* A quantity of frequent urination, although only a few drops are ejected at each urination. This frequent and urgent need to urinate is due to the intolerance of the bladder mucosa inflamed, causing the elimination of small amounts of urine.

Cystitis Symptoms: Burning pain locally (Cistalgia)
* Is the pain that worsens at the end of urination, but persists throughout voiding.

Symptoms of Cystitis: Pyuria
* The pyuria is the presence of pus in the urine. This may be of varying intensity depending on the causative pathogen.

Symptoms of Cystitis: Albuminuria
* It is the presence of albumin in the urine

Cystitis Symptoms: Hematuria
* Is the blood in the last drops of urine from each voiding

Other symptoms of cystitis
* Redness of the vulva and vaginal itching (women)
* Painful sexual intercourse
* Often, women feel a slight pressure above the pubic bone
* Men feel a dilated right
* Nausea and vomiting

Usually cystitis can develop without fever but sometimes can be complicated cystitis pyelitis (pielocistitis-inflammation of the renal pelvis as a result of cystitis) or pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation, joint and renal pelvis) in these cases often experience fever.

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