Cystitis. Treatment with Cranberry

Although antibiotics are the most common treatment in the case of cystitis, an increasing number of people who either have developed resistance to antibiotics, or prefer a natural treatment without side effects in treating and preventing cystitis. In this sense, the cranberry is one of the most widely being used in natural medicine.

According to the consulting firm Nielsen, the cranberry has become more natural preparation sales growth experienced in the last year in the pharmacy.

The cranberry is a small fruit, like the common blueberry, which comes from a plant in North America, or Vaccinium macrocarpon American cranberry. The extracts of this fruit have been shown in clinical studies collected by the Cochrane Foundation, which can reduce up to half the risk of cystitis to be particularly effective in recurrent cystitis.

Although the cranberry has identified over 120 different components, it seems that their activity against this and other bacteria is due to the presence of a special type of proanthocyanidins (PAC's), the Series A, molecules capable of interfering with the setting mechanism of bacteria to the walls of the urinary tract so that prevent the establishment and spread of infection.

These natural compounds are not only capable by themselves to prevent cystitis but, having no side effects and no interactions with other medicines cause can be used in conjunction with other anti-infectives.

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