Daphne says. Homeopathy

(or Daphne odora)
1 Irritable, overwrought and trembling during pain. Irascible. Agitated.
2 None. Undecided. Shy. Sad. Scary.
3 - () feeling that some body parts are separated from others, especially the head of the body.
4 - ()-like pains that come on suddenly jerking or jumping from limb to limb, worse warmth of bed or lying, walking and taking CONAC. Rheumatic and arthritic pains, particularly suppression of gonorrhea. Rheumatic and gouty bones and muscles.
5 - () Worse, in evening and night, in the waning moon, by touch and pressure, for the fresh air of morning, for smoking.
6 - () Exostoses with dull, throbbing excoriating or, worse at night.
Laterality 7 left.
8 Fetidity: the breath, urine, sweat.
9 Great tired, in need of lying.
Desire and aversion OF DAPHNE INDICA
10 - () Great desire to snuff. From there its use to eliminate smoking (Caladium, Lobelia inflata).
11 - () sensation of fullness in the head, as if about to explode, with headache to get out of bed. Throbbing pain in temples, made out to the back of the eyes from side to side, with soreness to touch. Headache from nape to forehead. Heat especially in the crown. Nodes on the bones of the skull, but in the vertex, soft, dark and painful when touched. Hard swelling in the left side of his head, as in bone, with pain and numbness. Cranial exostosis.
12 - () weak eyes, when reading the letters fade and looks like a single black line. Diplopia. Miosis. Widespread feeling of membrane in the eyes. Floaters. Painful sensation of pressure in the eye inward.
13 Humming and roaring in the ears.
14 Heat and burning in her cheeks. Tension and stiffness in the temporomandibular jaw joint, worse by chewing.
15 Toothache: after intercourse, with chills and sweats. Pulsations in teeth and gums.
16 - () Tongue coated one side. Dryness of the tongue after sleep, as if burned. Hot saliva.
17 - () Burning and gastric pain after each meal, belching and stomach cramps; extended to the left upper quadrant and back. Vomiting acids worse after breakfast. Fullness and heaviness in the stomach. Gastralgias after drinking. Retching and vomiting with coughing.
18 pains in the spleen, in the womb, with shivering. Stool scanty, bloody ending. Constipation.
19 - () Cutting in the kidneys. Enuresis frequent. Urine: turbid, thick, yellow or yellowish red, foul odor of rotten eggs, with reddish sediment difficult to clean; with pus. Excoriating pain in urethra while urinating.
20 - () Sweat on the scrotum. Discharge of prostatic fluid after urination, worse by smoking. Disorders suppression of gonorrhea.
21 - () weakly. Cough from tickling in the throat with expectoration yellow, streaked with blood, retching and vomiting, coughing up exhausted. Cough with sternal pain.
22 Points precordial going to the back. Palpitations, trembling and chest pain, can not lie on the left.
23 - () Pain in the neck. Sensation of swelling of the cervical glands and distention in the arteries of the neck, suffocation, he seems to have his head severed from the body. Pain under left shoulder blade. Spine pain, worse on stooping. Burning and itching in the back.
24 - () Intense itching and vesicles on the arms, hands and legs. Bone pain. Rheumatic pains in thighs and knees. Knees and feet cold. Right big toe swollen and very painful, pain that suddenly jumps to body or chest region. Gouty pain in the back of his left hand. Bruised pain in the toes.
25 - () Insomnia by bone pain or cough. Restless sleep. Starts on sleep, with clammy sweat. Rings with black cats, with fire. Typhoid fever and 26 with excessive shivering, followed by heat, sweating and viscous generalized lack of appetite. Putrid-smelling sweat.