Defloratum vaccinum Lac. Homeopathy

LAC VACCINUM defloratum
(Nonfat milk)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of LAC VACCINUM defloratum
1 - () Great Depression, not wanting to live, suicidal, and inquires into the quietest and safest way to hasten his death.
Great despondency about his illness, and this surely die (predicts his death) in twenty-four hours, and is not afraid to die, in fact, wants to die. Depressed with tears and palpitations; better by the conversation. He will not talk to anyone, wants to be alone.
2 - () He imagines that all his friends are dead, and she should enter a convent.
3 Lack of memory. Amused. Only with great effort can remember what they have read. Hesitant, undecided. Aversion to physical and mental effort.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of LAC VACCINUM defloratum
4 - () Disorders of nutrition: obesity, diabetes, weight loss for no apparent reason. Fatty degeneration of organs. Edema of cardiac origin or kidney failure, malaria.
5 - () Worse by cold (you can only wash with hot water), for moisture; milk; motion; walking or sitting.
6 Gran loss of strength, completely exhausted and tired, very fatigued when walking. Tendency to faint.
7 Disorders important (high anxiety and long suffering) because of lack of sleep. Effects of head trauma.
8 - () has the feeling of being shielded, feels like a draft, even in enclosed places.
Desire and aversion of LAC VACCINUM defloratum
9 - () Aversion to milk.
10 - () Vertigo: when you open your eyes while lying down (better to close them), worse by standing, the objects appear to move quickly from left to pereche, moving the head from the pillow, or lying, especially to roll over in bed . Heaviness cephalic prone to fall out to the right.
Headaches with obstinate constipation is the key symptom perhaps most important, frequently coinciding also with nausea and vomiting, and profuse urination. The headache is frontal, then extended to occiput, very intense, unbearable, as if about to explode, sometimes preceded by a dimming of vision, photophobia and a great discomfort mortal, and chills, or is aggravated by movement , sitting lying down, by light and noise, when closing the eyes or coughing and during menstruation or from drinking milk, improves or disappears after vomiting or a tight bandage on his head. Throbbing frontal headache or with strong pulsation in the temples, especially in anemic women. Headache at the exit of the supraorbital nerve. Headache with the feeling that the crown is lifted and the brain out. Sensation of fullness or warmth in the head.
Sensation of a ball full of pain in the center of the forehead in the morning.
Head feels great. Tide was traveling in vehicles.
11 - () Vision cloudy preceding the headaches, just go light. Great photophobia; to go toward the light hurt her eyes, and close them, are sensitive to the pressure of the eyelids, with sensation of dressing in the eyeballs.
Heaviness of upper eyelids. Profuse tearing. Pain in the eyes, as if they were full of pebbles.
12 - () Pressure painful or tight at the root of the nose.
13 - () deadly pallor of her face. Face sallow, with eczema. Heat waves in the left side of the face and neck. Sensation as if he had left the muscles of the face, and bones were separated and prick. Pimples on face and forehead.
14 Grinding of teeth sleeping. Muv dry mouth, very fetid breath. Boca sticky foam, especially during the conversation.
15 - () Globe hysterical, has the feel of a large ball rising from the xiphoid to the throat and choked him. Sore throat, worse when swallowing.
16 - () Anorexia complete. Intense thirst, take very often, and many a time (as Nat Muriat., One of the most important components of milk).
17 - () Belching acids. Nausea: Morning, in a reclining position or to move or get out of bed is feeling mortal, groans and cries, with great discomfort and restlessness, with sensation of cold and hot skin. Incessant vomiting with a feeling of being very ill, worse from moving or sitting in bed, first of undigested food very acid and then water and finally bitter brown vomit something like coffee grounds, no odor.
Gastralgia fatigue. Many burping with heartburn. Dyspepsia.
Bloated stomach, sometimes with dyspnea. Epigastric cramps. Vomiting of
pregnancy with an aversion to milk. Ileocecal Intense pain and swelling and vomiting.
18 Abdomen sore and tender. Dolores folded at the
umbilicus, or in the hypogastric, with warmth and feeling of bearing down in pelvis or, worse pressure. Heaviness in the womb as having a stone. Flatulence.
19 - () Chronic constipation in chronic migraine headaches and intolerable.
Constipation is not responding or purgatives, and any result can only be achieved with enemas, the stools are dry and hard, and come out with great effort (which often are ineffective or reversal of the stool),
anus hurting out enough blood, screaming and making the patient may alternate with diarrhea is not uncommon to have chills when defecating.
20 - () Frequent urination and copious pale urine. Urine dark and thick. Involuntary urination, nocturnal enuresis. Dropwise urination, or come in spurts and feels very hot. Albuminuria. Constant pain in the kidneys, which descends to the bladder, buttocks and back of thighs, worse lying down. Urine was running or walking.
21 - () Dolores bearing down: on the ovaries, more to the left, in utero, with intolerance to the pressure of the hand. Delayed menses, irregular, sometimes dark and scanty, and sometimes as colorless water.
Brusca menstrual suppression after putting hands in cold water or drinking a glass of milk. Flow yellowish. Morning sickness in pregnant women with nausea and fatal gastric emptying waking, vertigo, regurgitation and sialorrhea, constipation. When milk is declining or no longer there, does not fail, and makes it reappear in twelve to twenty four hours. Atrophy of the breasts.
22 Asma, could scarcely breathe, epigastric swelling. Short, dry cough,
with difficult expectoration of a piece of slime, then better. Chest pain, with great pressure. Pulmonary tuberculosis in both vertices.
23 - () Pressure around the heart, with dyspnoea and the certainty of dying in a day. Sharp pain at apex of the heart, as if a knife cut her up and down. Palpitations and hot flashes (especially the left side of face and neck).
24 plates of herpes symmetrical on either side of the neck, with itching and burning after scratching. Pain in the 4th cervical vertebra. Chills between the shoulder blades. Lumbosacral burning pain.
Z5 Cold hands and feet during headache. The fingertips this ice cream, the rest of the hand is hot. Pain in wrists and ankles. Ador mecimiento or anesthesia in the outer and anterior thighs. Pain around the lower limb. Dolores crossing the feet, howto if bones were broken, worse when getting out of bed and rest your feet on the ground, what causes nausea and fainting from the pain, and should go back to bed.
Weakness and pain in the ankles which are swollen. Thickened skin on the edges of the feet.
26 Sleepy all day. Lack of sleep disorders with great concern.
High fever 27 to 21 hours, which continued until the morning, waking up with copious sweat that stain clothes yellow and very hard to dig. Hectic. Typhoid malignant. Feeling that the sheets are wet.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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