Dementia: Symptoms. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Mental state in which, for reasons of biological (aging) or pathological (degeneration, lesion disease, vascular disorders), we witness a loss of mental functions (memory, ability to view, adaptation to the environment, language) and manipulative (apraxia), with a progressive failing antom and functional.

Common and important forms of dementia
* Dementia choreic: That which is seen in chorea
* Dementia seizure: The seizure disorder secondary to a severe or prolonged.
* Early Dementia: the one designated to schizophrenia and its variants: simple, paranoid, hebephrenic and catatonic.
* Paralytic Dementia: Its origin lies in syphilis.
* Presenile dementia: The dementia that occurs around 45-50 years, caused by diffuse brain atrophy (Alzheimer's).
* Senile Dementia: The one shown due to progressive aging.

Senile dementia
Senile Dementia occurs in the elderly is due to poor blood-brain nutrition as a result of hardening and constriction of cerebral arteries by a process of atherosclerosis. It appears that the onset of this condition plays an important constitutional and hereditary predisposition.

Symptoms of senile dementia
* Memory loss
* Inability of the effort in fixing the attention
* Gradual loss of intelligence
* Loss of critical and associative
* Progressive impairment of the affective sphere.

Arteriosclerotic dementia
Cerebral Arteriosclerosis is hardening and narrowing of the arteries supplying the brain. By engaging the tissue oxygenation and nutrition of the brain and nervous vitality and activity of the same progressive disturbances occur, first of neurological: headache, tinnitus, dizziness, insomnia, slurred speech, reflexes, movement, etc.. ; and partly of a psychological nature: variability of the humor, memory loss, difficulty in fixing the attention.

With the passage of time can see a genuine arteriosclerotic dementia, characterized by complete loss of memory and loss of intelligence. Many forms of dementia have a background of atherosclerotic dementia.

Epileptic dementia

When a person suffers frequent seizures typical receiving no treatment, may eventually acquire a progressive decline in their mental faculties, especially the affective sphere and mood. When this mental decline reaches the higher grades we speak of epileptic dementia.

Paralytic dementia or general paresis
It is produced by meningoencephalitis extended to the entire mass of the brain and overlying meninges.

This meningoencephalitis manifested by a series of neurological symptoms of paralytic nature, hence its name, and psychic nature.

Paralytic dementia or progressive paralysis to which we refer is always and exclusively of syphilitic nature.

Symptoms of paralytic dementia
The symptoms are a combination of psychological symptoms and neurosomatic. Among them are:
* Dysarthria: difficulty pronouncing certain words long and convoluted pronunciation.
* Dysgraphia: Writing incorrect words
* Amimia: Lack of expressiveness in the face
* Pupillary disorders
* Movement Disorders: Apraxia: loss of ability to perform the movements correctly targeted to a particular act.
* Disturbed sensation: Early-type hypersensitivity with nerve pain, then hypoesthesia.

In addition to these symptoms there is also a psychic neurosomatic. These have distinguished several clinical forms:
* The expansive or euphoric
* The depressive or hypochondriacal
* The angry or agitated
* The insane since its inception.

Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies for Dementia
The most appropriate in these cases is prevention. A balanced vegetarian diet rich in raw foods and unsaturated fatty acid will prevent the onset of dementia. Exercising regularly, and exercises on the slant board (face down) will also allow improved cerebral oxygenation. The reading and games that enhance mental activity (Chess, Rummikub, etc..) Are excellent aids against dementia.

Medicine for dementia with Medicinal Plants

To oxygenate neurons: Sauce, Sweet Chamomile, Horsetail, Meadowsweet, Tilo.
Vasodilators: Ginkgo biloba, Hawthorn, Vinco.

Medicine for dementia Food supplements

Unsaturated fatty acids.
Vitamins: all.
Many soy lecithin to strengthen the brain.

Medicine for dementia Homotoxicology:

Cerebrum compositum

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